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Alexapure vs Berkey Water Filters: Which is the Best?

Published by: Paulo Baker

Alexapure vs Berkey Water Filters Which is the Best

If you’ve been concerned about your family’s health, you must be on the lookout for quality water filters in the market. It can be difficult to choose the right water filter for your home, especially when a plethora of options are available for you to choose from. 

Choosing between top-rated brands is difficult for customers as they have similar features, and there are hardly any differences between them. 

Alexapure and Berkey build water filtration systems that look similar, which is why it becomes a challenge to pick between the two. Both the filters perform powerfully, and they’re well-built. 

This article will analyze the similarities and differences of both of these gravity water filtration systems in detail with an aim to make the choosing process easier for you. 

About Alexapure vs Berkey

Here’s a quick introduction about both water filter brands…

About Berkey Filters

Berkey is a family-owned business that was founded in the late 1990s. The family came up with the business idea because a clean, safe, and healthy drinking water supply was vital for them.

Hence, they founded the brand intending to share their water solutions with everyone. 

Since then, the brand has been progressing and improving the quality and functioning of its water filters. They aim to keep their customers 100% satisfied. 

About Alexapure Filters

Alexapure’s founder named the brand after his daughter, Alexa. Alexapure’s goal is to help you lead a healthy life with the help of the science of water and air filtration.

The brand is passionate about the water filtration systems it manufactures, using cutting-edge technology to provide you with the cleanest water and air. 

Filter Life And Capacity

If you’re investing in a good water filter, we’re sure that you would expect it to last longer and work efficiently. Both Berket and Alexapure water filters have filters that last long, and they also come with an amazing filter capacity. 

Water Filter vs Bottled Water

The water holding capacity of Alexapure’s filters is 8.5 liters. Moreover, the filtration capacity of Alexapure water filtration systems is 5000 gallons of water for five years. However, the capacity can be increased up to 20,000 gallons of water as you can add 3 additional filters. 

Talking about Berkey’s filtration capacity, the filters can last for 3000 gallons of water per filter. As it comes with 2 filters, the system’s capacity goes up to 6000 gallons of water. Berkey water filters last for about 3-5 years, considering you maintain them properly and replace the filters at regular intervals. 

Performance Comparison

Let’s quickly compare the performance of Berkey water filters and Alexapure water filters: 


Alexapure makes gravity water filters, and hence, its filters don’t provide water immediately. However, Alexapure water filters filter water as per 1 gallon per hour.

Hence, these filtration systems perform powerfully and effectively. A private laboratory has also tested these filters, but they don’t hold the actual NSF/ANSI certification


Berkey water filtration systems beat Alexapure water filters in terms of effectiveness. These filters approximately filter 3.5 gallons of water per hour.

Berkey Water Filters

Moreover, Berkey filters most of the contaminants from water with utmost effectiveness. These filters can eliminate over 200 unwanted components from water. 

These filters are also independently tested, and they meet the NSF/ANSI standards, but they don’t have the certification of the same. 

Pros and Cons of Alexapure vs. Berkey

Both Berkey and Alexapure water filters have their own set of benefits and drawbacks that set them apart from each other. In this section, let’s quickly look at their respective pros and cons to help you make the right purchase:

Pros of a Berkey Water Filtration System 

  • It comes with a plethora of design options, such as travel options, stainless steel variants, and a BPA-free variant, all available in multiple sizes. 
  • Highly inexpensive. 
  • Removes most of the contaminants. 
  • Berkey filters last longer. 
  • Berkey is a renowned brand. 
  • These filters have a good filtration rate. 
  • The filter capacity is high. 
  • Berkey independently tests its products. 
  • They come with a lifetime warranty. 

Cons of a Berkey Water Filtration System 

  • You may get a strong taste of rubber from the filter. 
  • Berkey filters have a shorter lifespan compared to Alexapure filters. 
  • These water filtration systems don’t come with NSF certification. 

Pros of Alexapure Water Filtration Systems 

  • These water filters effectively remove most of the contaminants. 
  • Alexapure filters are independently tested. 
  • The filter capacity of Alexapure water filters is high. 
  • Alexapure water filters are cheaper than Berkey filters. 
  • These filters last for years. 
  • They have a fast filtration rate. 
  • Alexapure water filters have a high filtration capacity. 

Cons of Alexapure Water Filtration Systems 

  • They’re not the best budget-friendly option available in the market. 
  • Alexapure doesn’t provide many model options to choose from. It only has 1 model. 
  • They don’t come with a warranty policy. 
  • Alexapure is a new brand, and hence, it is lesser-known. 
  • It only comes with 1 filter. 

Certifications & Warranty 

WQA and NSF are the main organizations that function independently and are made to certify water filtration systems. To get certified by these organizations, manufacturers are required to give their products for getting tested by their laboratories. 

This is to ensure that the product performances comply with the standards that are set by the industry. Both Alexapure and Berkey water filtration systems don’t have WQA or NSF certifications, but they’ve undergone the testing at Envirotek Laboratories. As per the results, we know that these water filters meet standards 42 and 53 of NSF/ANSI

To explain it further, as per standard 42, these filters meet the water quality improvement industry standards. According to standard 53, these filters eliminate contaminants that have a huge impact on your health. 

In terms of warranty, Alexapure water filters come with a 45-days warranty with the condition that the product should be in its original packaging. 

On the other hand, Berkey offers a 2-year warranty on its filters alongside a 12-month warranty for the filtration system. 

Which One is the Right Option for You: Berkey or Alexapure?

Both these countertop water filters have similar features and look and feel. It can be difficult to pick between the two, especially when looking for a countertop water filtration system for your house. 

While Berkey offers various models to choose from, Alexapure water filters are built to cater to a family of 1-4 people perfectly. Due to this quality, Alexapure suits the needs of most buyers. 

The right option for your family will depend on your water filter needs and brand preferences. If you’re looking for a water filtration system for travel purposes, you should pick a filter from Berkey’s travel range of filters. On the other hand, a filter from any of the two brands will be fit for everyday purposes. 

Final Thoughts

If you are worried about the water quality of your house, buying an Alexapure or Berkey water filter should solve these issues. We hope that our detailed guide will help you make an informed decision and that it has answered all your questions. 

These water filter brands develop great quality water filters with impeccable designs and features to fit all your needs. They eliminate most of the contaminants and impurities from tap water

Berkey water filters have a lifetime warranty, and the brand offers many cost-effective models, while Alexapure builds water filters that last longer and work faster. 

It would be best if you went through our guide to look at all the major features, differences, and similarities among both these water filter brands. Whichever water filter you pick, we assure you that you’ll be satisfied with its affordability, effectiveness, features, and lifespan. 


After how long do I need to replace the filters?

You should go through the instruction manual of your water filtration system to check its filter life. The filters of your system should be replaced as per the time intervals written in the instruction manual.

Should I buy the Big Berkey or the Alexapure Pro water filter if I’m on a budget?

Regarding affordability, Alexapure Pro is more affordable and a better choice to make than the Big Berkey.

How to ensure that my filter doesn’t get rusty?

To ensure that your water filter doesn’t get rusty, you should not keep the system under extremely hot, cold, or rainy temperatures. Moreover, you should also clean the filters now and then using a damp cloth and mild cleaners.

Do Alexapure water filters eliminate fluoride?

Not all Alexapure water filters can remove fluoride from water. Talking about Alexapure Pro, the filter removes fluoride up to an extent, but it does not remove fluoride completely.

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