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Top 10 Benefits of Charcoal Water Filters you Should Know

Published by: Paulo Baker

Benefits of Charcoal Water Filters

Tap water runs through a filtration process before reaching the sink faucets in each household. However, it does not necessarily mean that the water you drink is free from undesirable remnants, additives, and microscopic debris.

Having your own filtration at home gives you a peace of mind knowing that your family is drinking fresh and safe water. Charcoal water filter usage is one of the best options to make that happen.

Keep reading and learn more about the benefits of charcoal water filters.

What is a Charcoal Water Filter

A charcoal water filter is one of the most commonly used filter systems at home. It helps to collect all contaminants and unpleasant tastes and odors. This filter uses activated charcoal, which is highly porous. 

A single gram of carbon comes in a surface area of over 1,500 square meters, improving the absorption process.

A charcoal filter is ideal for filtration because it does not strip the natural qualities of the water. Plus, activated carbon is known for its health benefits.

Check out this video to learn how does a charcoal water filter works…

Benefits of Charcoal Water Filters 

Clean and safe drinking water is critical for different bodily functions. Water plays a vital role in keeping your body healthy, from waste removal to proper digestion. 

On the other hand, toxins, chemicals, and other additives are usually present in waterways. You do not want your family to drink unhealthy water, so installing a filtration system like charcoal water filters is the best thing you can do. 

These filters can make your drinking water clean and offer other benefits, such as:

1. Healthy Water 

Activated carbon found in this filtration system comes in a large carbon surface area. So, it can attract all the impurities. This filter helps maintain the natural features of the water, which improved your health in many ways.

A charcoal water filter functions more than just purification. It also increases the water’s quality by delivering essential minerals, such as magnesium, iron, and calcium.

It retains the water’s essential nutrients while enhancing the general taste. So, you can drink water as many glasses as you want without worrying about the taste and harmful elements.

2. Ease of Maintenance 

When buying a water filtration system, most homeowners prefer filters that are easy to maintain. A charcoal water filtration system only requires low maintenance, making it perfect if you are busy. 

This water filter does not require constant repairs or checks. All you need to do is replace the filter elements to maintain it, particularly if it is already exhausted. While a brand new filter lasts for several months, you still need to check on it. 

If you use a large water volume at home, you may need to use several filters in a short period. Then, if you notice that the water has a strange taste or colour, ensure to change the unit.

When you discover that the water flow starts to reduce, it’s time to change the filter. 

Don’t worry; filter parts are low-cost. So, you can replace them quickly without a second thought.

3. Affordability 

Another consideration when choosing a water filter is the price. If you do not want to spend excess cash on models with massive price tags, getting a charcoal water filter is an affordable option. This filter is not as costly as conventional systems. You can even have a better filtration system at a low cost.

A water filter is a critical investment for homes and businesses. However, most of them come in expensive installation costs. 

If budget stops you from installing a water filtering system, you can go for a charcoal filter. It offers a significant savings with budget-friendly installation.

4. Keeps Mineral Salts 

Salts and minerals are present in water to benefit the human body. However, water also contains toxic particles and compounds that can harm the body.

During the water purification process, most water filters remove not only harmful impurities but also healthy minerals and ions.

That process leaves the water’s bare bones. Remember that salts found in water are vital for homeostasis. So, ensure to choose a water filtering system that retains mineral salts. Water purification should not include distillation as it removed everything else in the water.

Fortunately, activated charcoal’s structure and composition enable it to bind toxin particles to its surface. This filter allows all the minerals to pass through. 

5. Better Water Flavour 

Some people prefer drinking other beverages instead of water due to their flavour. They even stay thirst because they do no want to drink tap water as they complain about the strange odour and taste. These characteristics are due to chlorine and other additives that kill harmful microbes.

If the taste is one of your concerns in drinking water, the charcoal filter is a perfect option for you. During the impurities removal process, this filter eliminates the unpleasant smell of the water. 

If you get the water you drink from communal water sources, this water filter will help you get rid of annoying colours, odours, and tastes.

6. No Energy Required 

Consumers today look for products that come in high efficiency and even do not use energy. So, it’s no surprise if they look for a water filtration system that requires little to no power.

Suppose you choose a charcoal water filter, no need for you to use electricity to ensure a smooth operation. The functionality of this filtering system relies on the water pressure and the activated charcoal properties.

In other words, the filtration process can run on its own. Using this filtering system can reduce your energy bills.

7. Improved Dental Health 

Poor mouth care and harmful materials in the water you drink result in discolored teeth and other oral care problems. Fluoride in tap water can even change the teeth’s original look.

With activated charcoal, you can improve your dental health. It extracts harmful particles in the water that can harm teeth. Then, it washes the teeth while removing unhealthy smells for fresh breath.

8. Slows Down Aging 

If you ingest activated charcoal in your body, you can stay youthful. A filter with activated charcoal helps preserve vital organs, such as adrenal glands, kidneys, and liver. If those organs are healthy, it positively impacts your cellular age and overall health.

Activated charcoal is not only effective for detoxification but also make water filtration safe for drinking. In return, your vital organs have to deal with fewer toxins while enabling your body cells to acquire a longer lifespan.

9. Alcohol Poisoning Suppression 

If a person is drunk, activated charcoal can help in lowering the peak alcohol-blood concentration. If you consume alcohol, your liver tirelessly works to break down the alcohol. Beware that metabolic by-products can result to a hangover.

As you probably know, many alcoholic beverages contain additives such as flavonoids and preservatives. These chemicals, when combined to alcohol, can strain your liver. That is because the liver tries to decompose them. 

However, if you ingest activated carbon after an alcohol intake, the symptoms of alcohol poisoning are averted.

10. Compatibility with Other Systems 

Another perk of getting a charcoal water filter is that it is compatible with other filtration systems. Once you combine it with other filtering solutions, the purification process will be improved. For instance, you can combine a charcoal filter with reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is known to subject the water in high pressure to the semipermeable membrane. Since water will pass through the membrane, the dissolved impurities are then get trapped.

A charcoal water filter helps prolong the reverse osmosis system’s life by performing a round of filtration prior to the reverse osmosis. If larger particles are removed ahead, semipermeable membrane’s pores are prevented from getting blocked.

Uses of Charcoal Water Filters

Charcoal water filters keep the ions and essential minerals in the water while removing harmful chemicals like chlorine, chloroform, nitrates, and other impurities. These filters make the drinking water healthier.

Essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium are added to the water for improved quality.

Most homeowners also use these filters to improve the water flavour. These filters are effective a removing unpleasant odours. That way, you can have a more palatable drinking experience.

Potential Side Effects of Using A Charcoal Filter 

If charcoal has a direct contact with the eyes, it may cause corneal abrasions. Some people experience gastrointestinal issues due to using activated charcoal, resulting to nausea and vomiting. 

Once activated charcoal is administered wrongly, it can cause respiratory distress syndrome in adults. So, you have to be extra careful to ensure that this filter suits your needs and use it accordingly. 


Keeping water clean and safe for drinking is critical to ensure the wellness of your family. So, getting a charcoal water filter is advantageous. 

This filter not only provides good-tasting water but also improve your health and help you save money. Plus, you have no worries about the installation and maintenance. 


Is charcoal filtered water healthy?

Yes, charcoal filtered water is healthy because essential minerals and ions stay in the water. Besides making the water clean and odor-free, minerals like magnesium, iron, and calcium are added for enhanced water quality.

What does charcoal filter water do?

A charcoal filter water is designed to remove water impurities and chemicals while keeping critical ions and minerals. It makes the water healthy. It also helps remove unpleasant flavours and odours for a more palatable drinking.

Do charcoal sticks really filter water?

The charcoal stick helps purify water. Once the charcoal is activated, it absorbs impurities by attracting all negative ions to its surface. It also adds calcium, iron, and magnesium to the water to make it healthier and taste better. It is also effective at neutralising the pH levels of water.

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