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The 7 Benefits of Refrigerator Water Filters you Should Know

Published by: Paulo Baker

Benefits of Refrigerator Water Filters

come packaged along with built-in water dispensers for easy water dispensing in the home. 

However, just as pitcher filters filter out the water dispensed by pitchers, you will also find refrigerator water filters connected to your fridge to ensure you still get clean and pure drinking water. 

So in this post, we’ll see all the amazing benefits of refrigerator water filters…

What is a Refrigerator Water Filter? 

In case you didn’t know yet, a refrigerator water filter lowers impurities, chlorine odor, and taste in the water supply of your fridge. Other water filters also remove toxic chemicals and pollutants like manganese, chloramines, hydrogen, iron, zinc, and sulfide. 

Filtered water from your fridge tastes better compared to tap water and can be safer, depending on your water supply and the filter made for your fridge has. 

You can also watch this video to see how refrigerator water filters work

Benefits of Refrigerator Water Filters

Most refrigerators these days are geared with fridge water filters. Are you planning to get a new fridge of your own? Then you may like to consider getting one of such options. The water filters have some fantastic advantages that you can take advantage of.

Let’s take a look at some of those benefits below. 

1. It’s convenient to use

Did you know that filtered water from your fridge allows you to have a supply of clean, cold water and ice whenever you like it? You don’t need to remember picking up your bottled water at the store or refilling a filtered pitcher after each drink.

With a water filter in your fridge, all you must do is to remember to watch out for that red indicator light telling you your fridge water filter should be changed. 

The best part about them is that they are simple to clean, use, and replace. Replacing the water filter only needs a few minutes and some basic changes. Further, you can clean the water filter at your home without too much trouble.

Using a refrigerator water filter is relatively simple compared to a water dispenser or bottle. 

2. Get water anytime you desire

Refrigerator water filters offer you a particular amount of filtered water right away. It depends upon the fridge’s capacity that how much-filtered water it can keep. You can get instant cold filtered water rather than waiting to fill a jug with other water filters. 

3. It’s eco-friendly 

A fridge water filter is eco-friendly compared to using bottled water. They do not contribute negatively to our ecosystem compared to plastic in landfills, waterways and litters the streets. 

On the other hand, a refrigerator water filter is tiny and can quickly dispose of without severe effects on our planet. 

4. It’s an economical choice

Keep in mind that refrigerator water filters are cheap compared to using bottled water. Most filters can last at least six months or 200 to 300 gallons of water. So you’ll naturally save a lot with refrigerator water filters.

5. They are good water for growing kids

Do you have kids around your home? Then you need to ensure that you provide them only pure water.

A refrigerator water filter is an excellent way to do that. You’ll be comfortable knowing your child is drinking healthy, tasty, and purified water every time they fill their glass of water from a fridge water filter. 

6. Improved taste 

These water filters help in enhancing the odor and taste of the water. They can efficiently eliminate fluoride, chlorine, and other contaminants that cause a flat taste and foul smell.

When you get to drink water with a lovely taste, your drinking habit gets much better. You drink more and remain hydrated. It also results in different health advantages. 

7. They give healthy and pure water 

These water filters ensure you only drink purified water. A typical high-quality fridge water filter can eliminate chlorine, heavy metals, sediments, and other toxic substances up to ninety-eight percent.

Other individuals may debate that this filter maybe not be essential if you have a whole-house filtration system. Nonetheless, the above benefits of a fridge water filter show otherwise. 

Are Refrigerator Water Filters Necessary?

Most people are asking this question, “are refrigerator water filters necessary?” Yes, of course. These water filters are a total necessity and so is regularly replacing.

Keep in mind that the water coming from your fridge dispenser travels through tubing before it reaches you. Tap water is questionable already, and just imagine all the bugs and bacteria it can pick up on the way to your fridge.

Fortunately, a water filter in your refrigerator takes care of that. Of course, unless you never change it. Try to check your owner’s manual to learn how often you need to change your water filter. But commonly, you need to change it every three to six months. 

Still, remember that the answer to the question above depends on your situation, especially if you’re living in a place where water purity is not sure. A water filter is essential as it will remove toxic elements from the water and allows you to enjoy the pure water. 

A refrigerator can work without a water filter as far as its function concerns. 

In recent times when many toxic compounds are present in water, most refrigeration companies started to offer a water filter in their fridges. The only function of these filters is to get rid of unwelcomed elements from the water.

Water is vital for life, and purity conveys a vital role in people’s lives. Water in developed nations is passed from many processes to reach in somebody’s refrigerator. However, for extra purity, a water filter is essential to be attached to your fridge.  

Here are some situations where you need to change a refrigerator water filter:

  • You experience a slow flow of water — The more the contaminants accumulate in the filter, the more challenging it will be for water to pass through it. Hence, do you notice the water is dispending slower than average? Then it’s a clear sign it is time for a refrigerator filter replacement. 
  • You notice a change in water odor and taste — Your fridge will let different pollutants, contaminants, and other particles through once its water filter begins to wear out. You may notice a change in your water’s odor or taste later. 
  • You notice a change in the appearance or color of your floaters — The water’s physical look may change as well apart from its taste or odor. You may also observe a mineral deposit build-up. 


There’s no doubt that refrigerator water filters are a good option for your home or office. They offer you clean drinking water without any hassles. We suggest that you change your filter on time, so you keep receiving all the benefits of a refrigerator water filter. 


There’s no doubt that refrigerator filters are an excellent option for getting cool, clean water straight from your fridge. It takes away all the hassle of filling up a pitcher and removes the added steps of opening your fridge and taking out cooled water. Further, it is an elegant addition to any kitchen, making a refrigerator water dispenser increasingly popular.

Here’s a quick look at the most frequently asked questions about fridge water filters. 

Are refrigerator water filters effective?

Refrigerator water filters have built-in water technology. Nonetheless, their level of efficacy differs from one device to another. The truth is that refrigerators aren’t as clean as they could be. Moreover, these filters normally utilize carbon filters that get rid of compounds that impact smell and taste.

Does a fridge water filter remove minerals?

Take note that a reverse osmosis filter can eliminate minerals such as lead and other heavy metals. A built-in fridge system may seem convenient. However, it only offers filtered water in a single location, which is your kitchen.

What do refrigerator water filters remove?

The primary issue when we talk about city water is chlorine that impacts the smell and taste of the water. These filters are efficient at filtering that out, along with other models certified to eliminate up to 99% of chlorine. They can also filter heavy metals such as mercury and lead, herbicides, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals.

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