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The 9 Benefits of Water Pitchers & Who Should Use Them

Published by: Paulo Baker

Benefits of Water Pitchers & Who Should Use Them

Do you expect that the water from your kitchen faucet is crisp and clean? The truth is that there is a big chance that it has contaminants, which are harmful to the health.

However, is your water filter pitcher effective and reliable? Keep reading and discover the benefits of water pitchers…

What is a Water Pitcher?

A water filter pitcher refers to a water jug designed to filter tap water. It helps make water clean and safe for drinking. 

Since drinking water flowing into households and business usually contain impurities and contaminants, including chlorine, bacteria, copper, chloroform, arsenic, lead, and large particles of dust and dirt, the purpose of this purification pitcher is to produce purer, filtered water by removing those contaminants.

A water filter pitcher may look like a standard plastic or glass water jug, but it contains a filter that removes any impurities once fill with tap water.

Benefits of Water Pitchers

If you are not yet convinced about using a water filtration pitcher, check out the benefits it offers below:

1. Affordable 

When compared to other water filtration methods, these pitchers are less expensive. If you often buy bottled water, switching to these pitchers will save you money and help the environment. 

The cost-effectiveness is the main attraction of the water pitcher. You can find a decent model starting at $30, which can last an extended period, depending on how you maintain it.

Even if the price is low, you can find practical, reliable, and long-lasting models with an exciting set of features.

2. Easy to Use 

A water filter pitcher is a lot easier to use than other filtration systems. It also does not require installation. Most brands come in similar designs with charcoal filters, pitchers, and top reservoirs.

During the first use, you need to prepare a large cup of water to soak the charcoal filter for at least 15 minutes. After that, ensure to insert the filer into the reservoir. Then, secure it into the cartridge tightly.

Next is to fill the reservoir, where you need to wait for the filtration to finish. After completing those steps, you can achieve fresh and filtered drinking water. 

Instead of plumbing in a whole house filter or buying bottled water, you can consider buying a water pitcher. You do not need to have any complicated skills to use this pitcher. After filtering a specific quantity of water, do not forget to replace it with a new filter cartridge.

3. Filtration Efficiency 

Using a water filtration pitcher is an excellent way to treated water from the neighborhood’s water central to your property. Even if you live in an area with a drinkable primary water source, it does not necessarily mean that you are already free from contaminants.

PUR vs Brita Water Filter

That is why you need a water filter pitcher to remove those heavy metals and contaminants that can improve your digestive system’s function. As a result, you will feel better and have an improved overall health condition.

4. Portability

Most water filter pitchers come in small sizes, making it easy for you to fit them into the refrigerators. The portability of the pitcher enables you to carry it with you, particularly if you travel and want to ensure the safety of the water you drink.

You can take the pitcher with you on a camping trip and other outdoor activities. It is less expensive than buying dozens of plastic bottled water. You can enjoy clean and healthy water with these pitchers anywhere you go.

5. No Installation with Little Maintenance 

Another appealing aspect of using a water pitcher is that it requires no installation. 

So, if you live in a condo or apartment, this filtration system is a perfect choice. Since it is already pre-assembled, all there is to do is a twist or click the filter in place.

As you probably know, under-counter filters need frequent repairs and are prone to leaks. These things make pitchers a better choice because they only require little to no maintenance. 

While filters require changing from time to time, you can quickly complete the process at eye level, not under the sink.

6. Variety

If you want a personal pitcher, you can take on trips or with your work; a water filter with a smaller capacity at one liter or less is a better choice. However, if you have a large family, a pitcher of up to 8-10 liters is a practical option.

PUR Water Filter

A pitcher often contains 2-4 filters. These filters are designed to remove chemicals, heavy metals, and other odor- and taste-impairing contaminants. Other filters can remove minerals like magnesium and calcium from the water.

7. Improved Water Waste 

Chlorine is one of the chemicals that leave a significant impact on the water’s taste. It makes many people buy bottled water to enjoy a pleasant flavor.

Reverse osmosis and other under-sink water filters remove hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium. If these minerals are not present in water, expect an unpleasantly acid-like taste.

A water pitcher does not remove these water minerals. In return, water can retain a more pleasant alkaline taste.

8. Makes Tastier Food 

Removing contaminants improves the drinking water’s taste and has a positive impact on cooking. 

When you use water from the filter pitcher for your cooking, the absence of contaminants and chemicals helps preserve the food’s natural flavors.

Elements present in water interact with flavors, minerals, and nutrients in the food. Boiling water kills contaminants, but it does not kill the compounds in the unfiltered water, and it will absorb the food’s flavors.

Consider filtering the water rather than boiling it to preserve and enhance the natural flavors.

9. Encourages to Drink More 

Water’s flat or bland taste is one of the reasons why many switch to flavored drinks. However, those beverages are not healthy. Instead of keeping their bodies healthy, they tend to become vulnerable to health risks.

Whether you are sensitive to tap water’s impurities or you want to avoid restocking on bottled water, a water filter pitcher can keep you hydrated without worrying about contaminants. 

Besides having good taste, you can quickly bring the pitcher wherever you go. So, there is no way for you not to stay hydrated every day.

How Do Water Filter Pitchers Work 

Before you buy a water pitcher, it is an advantage to know first how it works. Fortunately, the design concept behind this simple water filtration system is very straightforward.

Water will get poured into the top via the reservoir. Then, it will pass through the replaceable cartridge containing the charcoal filter. After that, it will flow into the pitcher below. 

The filter’s significant surface area act as a sponge that absorbs the contaminants. It prevents any impurities from passing through it with tap water. While the pollutants are stored within the filter, the purified tap water remains in the pitcher.

One of the exciting things about these pitchers is that they can be stored in the fridge. That way, you can quickly pour a glass of cold and filtered water anytime you wish.

Who Should Use a Water Pitcher?

One of the best things about a water filtration pitcher is that anyone can use it. However, it is particularly ideal for those who have issues with contaminated water. 

For sure, you want to give your family clean and safe water. If you live in an area where you are not sure about the safety of the water you drink or the water there has known for containing high levels of contaminants; you have no peace of mind. That is why simple water filtration systems like water pitchers.

A water filter pitcher is undoubtedly easy to use. After filling it at the tap, you need to wait for the water to flow through the cartridge. Plus, these filtration systems are inexpensive. 

Water filters come in more basic features and a simplistic design, making it easier for you to put them together in a matter of several hours. Most of them are virtually all set up already, so no need for you to complete the assembly process.


What you drink can affect your overall health. That is why you have to ensure the water you drink is free from chemicals and contaminants. 

Fortunately, water filter pitchers come into play. These pitchers vary in size, portability, price, and other critical features. 

So, you can choose which one suits your personal preference and needs. Plus, you can get peace of mind that your loved ones are away from health risks. 


Are water filter pitchers healthy?

A water filter pitcher removes chemicals and contaminants that give water an unpleasant taste and smell. The pitcher helps produce flavors and smells on the same level or better than bottled water. You have nothing to worry about the chemicals or contaminants every time you drink water. Plus, water produced by these pitchers helps improve your digestive system and overall health.

What is the use of a water pitcher?

Water filter pitchers help remove a sufficient amount of contaminants present in the water. These pitchers make water far more palatable and safer to drink. While pollutants like zinc, hydrogen sulfide, magnesium, and chlorine are harmless in low quantities, they prevent adverse effects at high dosages. It also preserves and improved the food’s natural flavors.

Do Brita filters actually do anything?

Brita filters change the taste and smell of the water. Chemicals and compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, and zinc, make the water smell like sewage or have a metallic flavor. These filters work well with odors while reducing the unpleasant taste. Plus, you can enjoy fresh, filtered water anytime you want.

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