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How to Clean and Unclog PUR Water Filter

Published by: Paulo Baker

How to unclog PUR water filter

It can be a pain to get your hands on a water filter only to have it clogged and not being able to provide you with clean drinking water. We don’t realize it, but filters need proper and regular maintenance too.

In this article, we will tell you how you can clean and unclog PUR water filter to ensure that you can use it for a long time. 

What’s Inside a PUR Water Filter

Before we tell you how to clean the filter, it is crucial for you to understand the parts of PUR’s water filter and everything that’s inside it.

If you already know the basics, you are lucky and you should simply hop to the next section, but if you don’t, hang in there, and let’s dive right into the basics!

You don’t want to get stuck in your kitchen for hours trying to figure out the filter, right? It looks small, but it can be a little complicated so you should understand the working of the filter before you unclog it. 

The water filter by PUR has 3 sections which are:

1. Pleated Filter

This part physically cleans the water as it gets rid of the fine particles which make their way into the water. It has a non-porous inner layer and very small holes on the pleated surface to do the job. 

2. Carbon Filter

The carbon filter comes with Styrofoam balls and carbon granules which absorb impurities as well as kill bacteria when the water flows from it. 

3. Crude Sediment Filter 

This filter also functions physically as it removes big-sized particles from the water. 

How to Clean the PUR Water Filter?

Now that you know all the parts and sections that the filter has, you must be intrigued to learn further. A few steps need to be followed to ensure that you clean your water filter effectively. Let’s dive right into these steps!

1. Shake it Up!

The first step calls for shaking the filter properly. Doing this will ensure that all sorts of debris and dirt that stick inside the sections make their way down to the bottom of the filter. This will make it easier for the water to move in the filter without coming in contact with the dirt and dust. 

2. Rinsing

For this step, you need to rinse the pleated end with water. Don’t forget to ensure that the water makes its way into all the openings as well as the segments of the filter. 

3. Reassembling 

Once you are done cleaning, you need to reassemble the filter along with all of the units and pass water through its opening for around 5 to 8 minutes. Doing this will ensure that you get clear and clean drinking water. 

4. Dry Dry Dry!

Before the filter gets reinstalled, you should air dry it properly. 

How to Unclog PUR Water Filter

Now, let’s talk about our main concern, how to unclog the water filter by PUR? In order to unclog your filter and make it work like it used to when it was new, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

1. Get Rid of the Debris & Dirt

You need to get rid of all the debris and dirt in this case as well. Get rid of all the impurities and waste right away. Your aim is to unclog the filter so be ready for dirt to come out with the water when the filter gets reinstalled. 

2. Soak the Filter

Soak your water filter in water for a few minutes and don’t try to use any sort of chemicals or cleaners for this step. You don’t want to try anything new, and you should simply stick to this procedure. 

3. Clean it Up 

Be sure to clean the opening passage as well as the dispenser properly by using any kind of dishwashing soap. The dishwashing soap should be mild. This step will ensure that you get pure water and that your water does not contain any kind of germs or dust. 

4. Pass Some Water

The water needs to pass through the filter for a few minutes and then you need to reinstall it and voila! It’s done!

You can also refer to this video to see how you can unclog a PUR Water Filter

Why is it Vital to Buy a Water Filter? 

It is vital to buy a water filter for anyone who lives in an area where the water supplied is impure or has any sort of contaminants.

Getting a water filter will ensure that you get healthy and safe drinking water and that you don’t drink water containing any kind of dirt, dust, or harmful chemicals in any form.

Filters remove the contaminants without hampering the essential minerals and they need to be replaced every three months to work effectively and efficiently. 


If your filter is unclogged, then you should simply follow the steps above to do the job.

However, if your filter is torn & worn out, then you should replace it and get a new one. Don’t forget to maintain your filter properly and take good care of it time and again to ensure that your filter lasts longer.

We are sure that strictly following these steps will give you the desired results. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

My PUR water filter is not working properly, why is that?

PUR water filters start working slowly or they don’t work efficiently due to high levels of sediment, mineral damage, hot water damage, air blockages, or incorrect installation. The reason for slow working can also be due to the filter being too old to function properly.

How do I Know Whether I Need to Replace the Water Filter or Not?

If the water pressure of your filter is decreasing, if your water tastes bad, or if the faucets or drains are making odd noises, all these are the signs that you need to replace your water filter as soon as possible.

For How Long Will the Water Filter by PUR Last?

PUR’s water filters can last for around 3 months. It is suggested to replace them every three months to ensure that you get clean water at all times.

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