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How Long Does A Zero Water Filter Last

Published by: Paulo Baker

How Long Does A Zero Water Filter Last

Are you thinking of purchasing a Zero Water filter? Or perhaps you are considering Zero Water Filter as an option.

In both cases, it is significant for you to know about the product you are purchasing. So, we have curated some valuable information about the Zero Water filters. So, let’s dive into the article and see how different Zero Water filters are, how they work, and how long can a Zero Water filter last. 

What Is Special About Zero Water Filters?

There are a variety of water filters available in the market. But, Zero Water filters are designed to work differently. Primarily, water filters engage a distinct kind of ion-exchange resin with activated carbon. As a result, impurities get trapped in the filter, and the pure water is only allowed to flow. 

On comparing the other water filters, the Zero Water filter operates in 5 stages, including the above mix of activated carbon and ion-exchange resin. It removes all the harmful pollutants from the water. Moreover, the quality of the water is similar to the distillation and reverse osmosis process. Hence, this differentiates the Zero Water filter from other water filters available.

How Does A Zero Water Filter Work?

As stated earlier, the Zero Water filter has a 5-stage water filtration mechanism. Below are the steps that show the working of the Zero Water filter:

  • First, a bristled rough filter shield removes all the solid impurities from the water, besides the disintegrated rocks.
  • A distinct foam-like filter then removes the other deferred solids.
  • Then the water goes through the process of oxidation. This process eliminates all the harmful pollutants like chlorine, pesticides, chloramine, and other chemicals. It also reduces alloy and activated charcoal. 
  • Next, the ion exchange process takes place through a devoted resin. It removes the dissolved solids like rocks and fluoride chemicals from the water. 
  • Lastly, the rest of the chemicals are removed through the fine non-woven coating of the filter.

Additionally, the Zero Water filter uses a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter that differentiates them from its competitors. This meter shows the number of impurities in water. It ensures the effectiveness of the water filter by displaying the water quality to be 000.

How Long Does A Zero Water Filter Last?

As certified by NS International, the Zero Water filter removes the pesticides and all other harmful chemicals. It has long filtering capacity than other filtration systems. The Zero Water filter’s longevity depends not only on the quality of tap water but also on water usage. 

The Zero Water filter can remove up to 18,000 milligrams of the dissolved filter before replacement. In other words, the amount of filtered water depends on the number of solids that are suspended on the tap water. 

According to Zero Filter, you can filter about 20 to 45 gallons of water, presuming that the range of Total Dissolved solids (TDS) is between 51 to 200. However, the TDS of water from municipalities is on a scale of 500 or higher. 

Therefore, it is evident that the durability of the Zero water filter depends highly on the number of total dissolved solids reported by the TDS meter. It means that the higher the dissolved solids, the lesser will be the number of gallows filtered. When you feel that the water quality is deteriorating, it’s time to get your filters replaced. 


The lifespan of the Zero Water filter relies on both the quality of water as well as the usage of the water. Generally, a Zero Water filter can last up to 2-4 months, but the exact time may vary.  


Is the Zero Water filter able to remove fluoride and heavy metals?

Zero Water filter is capable of removing mercury, calcium, sodium, potassium, and chromium. This filter is designed in a way that it can filter all the natural substances from the water. But, it can filter fluoride up to some extent only if the water is not highly fluoridated. The only process that removes fluoride is reverse osmosis. But it also removes the fluoride that is necessary for the body.

Why does my Zero water filter smell like fish?

Sometimes, you may get an unpleasant fishy smell when you try to get out water from your filter. It is because the filters generally have anion resins that release trimethylamine. It is what releases an odor of a rotten fish. However, it depends on the amount of trimethylamine released. To get rid of that smell, you can soak the plastic parts of the filter in an ammonia-lemon solution overnight and then rinse them with normal water. It is not the ideal way to get rid of the smell, but this will remove most of the bad smell.

How many gallons of water does a Zero Water filter have?

As per Zero Water filter, a Zero Water filter can remove impure substances, including dissolved salts, from 25 to 40 gallons of water. It is applicable in case the standard TDS rate of the water is between 51-200.

Is Zero Water filter better than Brita?

If we compare the Zero Water filter with Brita, you will find that Brita is incapable of removing all the solids. It is due to the 2-step filtration system that they use for the filtration of water. However, the Zero Water filter has a five-step filtration mechanism that removes all the organic substances from the water, even the dissolved solids like rocks. They also use a TDS meter to measure the quality of water before and after filtration.

Do you need to rinse the Zero Water filter?

On the contrary to the other water filters, Zero Water filters do not require soaking or rinsing. Hence, it is a good idea to add a few cups of water. It will ensure that the water is running clear completely and the reading of the TDS meter is 000.

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  1. A abrupt change in the flavor of your water indicates that your filter has been clogged with muck. After a few months of use, ZeroWater will begin to taste acidic, and a fishy odor may develop. You should replace your water filter as soon as you see this.


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