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How Often to Change Keurig Water Filter? with Steps

Published by: Paulo Baker

How Often to Change Keurig Water Filter

Your Keurig water filter is one of the reasons you may want to get out of your bed every morning. But as the Keurig water filter takes care of you, you should also take good care of it.

Otherwise, the water filter will become inefficient with time. You should not only clean your Keurig water filter but also replace it every few months.

In this blog post, we will share all the details on how often you should change Keurig water filter…

What Is Keurig Water Filter?

Keurig water filters are a kind of charcoal water filter that makes your beverages like tea and coffee tastes better. It removes chlorine and harmful impurities from your drinking water.

These water filters are manufactured by the American company Keurig Dr. Pepper. They also offer a wide variety of beverages like cocoas, teas, coffees, ciders, lemonades, dairy-based, and food-based drinks.

How Often To Change Keurig Water Filter

The Keurig water filter proposes to last for a finite number of brews. But, there is no specific length of time. The more you use your Keurig water filter, the more likely you need to replace it.

According to Keurig, you should change your water filter every two months. But if you are not using it every day, it recommends changing your water filter every 60 tanks refill.

Some of the latest models of Keurig water filters come with a reminder. This reminder shows you the exact time when you need your water filters to be changed.

Homogeneous to charcoal filters, the Keurig water filter will no longer filter water the same way once it is exhausted. It will affect the taste of the coffee and will cause powder build-up in the device. Hence, the Keurig water filters should be changed thoroughly to maintain the shelf life of the filter.

How To Change A Keurig Water Filter

Changing a Keurig water filter does not take more than ten minutes. You can follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Firstly, soak the new water filter in a cup of water for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Pull up the filter holder to gently remove the old water filter.
  • Detach the clasp by pressing in from both sides of the filter. 
  • Throw away the used filter.
  • After soaking the new filter completely, rinse it under the tap water for 60 seconds. 
  • Rinse the bottom clasp and the filter holder as well.
  • Position the new filter into the device and keep it in place with the clasps on both sides.
  • Position the filter holder as it was before.


Changing the Keurig water filter is significant as the charcoal inside it traps the contaminants, making it clogged over time. It makes the filter less efficient in filtering water. Thus, you need to replace the water filter as and when necessary.


Is it necessary to clean the Keurig water filter?

Yes, it is necessary to clean the Keurig water filter. If you don’t clean it regularly, the efficiency of the water filter will be reduced. It will no longer filter the water, and the device will be clogged over time. You can simply clean it by putting the filter under running water for five minutes or until the water runs clear.

Where is the Keurig water filter located?

Keurig water filter is located in the device’s rear water tank. If you completely separate the top of the tank, you will have an access to your Keurig water filter.

Do all Keurig models have a filter?

Yes, all the Kuerig models have a water filter installed inside them, including Keurig 200 and all other Keurig appliances. It is also recommended that whatever water filter you purchase, make sure that the device has a water filtration system as it will improve the overall taste of the water.

Why can’t we use distilled water in a Keurig 2.0?

We cannot use distilled water in a Keurig 2.0 as they have sensors that determine the mineral content in water. If you use distilled water in your Keurig filtration system, it will fail to work, and you will get an error message displayed on the device.

Is it okay to use tap water in Keurig?

No, you should not use tap water in Keurig as it will destroy your machine. It is because tap water is generally hard water, and the mineral content is high in such kind of water. Moreover, using tap water in your water filter will be a disaster for the plumbing of your home.

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