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How to Filter Chromium 6 From Water?

Published by: Paulo Baker

How to Filter Chromium 6 From Water

When it comes to raw water, we are all aware of the dust particles, dirt, unwanted contaminants, and other chemicals which get dissolved in it and it is important for us to get rid of each one of them to ensure that we do not experience any health issues because of our drinking water. 

Chromium 6 is one of the elements that can be found in the water and in this article we will study all about Chromium 6, how it gets in the water, how to filter chromium 6 from water, and how harmful it is for us. 

What is Chromium 6?

Chromium 6 is one of the well-known elements of the periodic table which falls under the metallic element named chromium. Chromium 6 is also known as Hexavalent Chromium and it does not have any sort of taste or smell. 

Moreover, this element evolves with time and it turns into ores, rocks, volcanic dust, soils, and plants as well. Several kinds of chromium are out there, but the most common ones include chromium-0, which is the metal form of chromium, chromium-6, also known as hexavalent Chromium, and chromium-3, also known as trivalent Chromium. 


Chromium-6 is an element that affects the water’s quality and it can also be harmful to your health. Chromium 6 is produced as a result of several industrial processes and it is also used for manufacturing all kinds of chrome plates which are used to make stainless steel and which also plays a vital role in leather tanning, wood preservation, pigments, and textile dyes. 

Chromium 6 also works as an incredible compound for the use of anti-corrosion and in terms of conversion coatings. 

How to Get Filter Chromium 6 From Water?

It can be a challenging task to get rid of Chromium 6 from your water as it is not the same as lead. Lead can be removed easily as you flush the pipes, but the case is totally different with Chromium 6.

If your aim is to completely get rid of Chromium 6, then flushing the water pipes will do no good. This is because Chromium 6 gets mixed with the water’s source. 

You’ll have to get your hands on reverse osmosis or a high-quality filtration system in order to get rid of Chromium 6 that is present in your drinking water. 

Is there any way to test the presence of Chromium 6 in water?

In California, it is a requirement for all the water utilities to take a look at the water and test as well as report the Chromium 6 levels in it. Hence, anyone living in California can easily get to know about the levels of this element present in their tap water

However, all of these tests measure the levels of Chromium 6 only when they are at 1 ppb or when they exceed it, which is 16 times more than the limit which is suggested. The suggested limit in terms of public health is 0.06 ppb. 

Apart from California, other water utilities do not test the levels of Chromium 6 specifically. The water tests as well as reports of any water utility outside of California is done for the levels of Chromium, which includes all of its forms. 

CityCity PopulationChromium 6 Contamination Level in Tap Water
Norman, Oklahoma89,95212.9 ppb
Honolulu, Hawaii661,0042.00 ppb
Riverside, California280,8321.69 ppb
Madison, Wisconsin200,8141.58 ppb
San Jose, California979,0001.34 ppb
Top Five Chromium-contaminated Cities Tested by EWG (Data source)
Chromium-6 levels in 25 cities’ tap water exceed safe limit proposed by California officials.

Hence, these tests detect the levels of Chromium only when they are at or exceed 10 ppb, which is 160 times more than those of the tests done in California. The ratio of different forms of Chromium vary from one water supply to the other, and the only way to find out about the levels of Chromium in your tap water is by giving the water utility in your local area a call. 

How does chromium make its way into your tap water?

As we mentioned above, Chromium is an element that does not have any taste or odor. It can be naturally found in plants, rocks, animals, plants, volcanic dust, and it can also be produced as a result of industrial processes.

Chromium 6 is naturally formed due to erosion of the natural deposits of chromium. Chromium 6 ends up in our water by poor storage, leakage, inappropriate waste disposal practices of the industries. 

What are the Health Risks of Chromium 6 When You Consume It In Your Drinking Water?

The health risks of Hexavalent Chromium are many. It is known to be a reproductive & a carcinogen toxicant for females and males both.

Short term, as well as long term health effects of exposure to Chromium 6, include nasal ulcers, respiratory irritation, dermal burns, asthma attacks, vertigo, acute gastroenteritis, convulsions, anemia, ulcers, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and a failure or damage of your kidneys as well as lungs. 


In this article, we took you through the meaning of Chromium 6 and we explained how consuming this element from our periodic table can have several health effects on our body. We suggest you to invest in a good water filter or a reverse osmosis system at your home in order to ensure that Chromium 6 gets eliminated from your drinking water. 

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