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How to Install Refrigerator Water Filter?

Published by: Paulo Baker

How to Install Refrigerator Water FIlter

Installing a refrigerator water filter sounds like a hefty task, but it is easy if you pay attention to the steps. If you get a bad taste from the ice cube and drinking water, take it as a sign to install a refrigerator filter. The water filter will perform the job of eliminating rust, odors, chlorine, and other unwanted particles from your water. 

These water filters can be easily found in the market. To install refrigerator water filter, calling a professional is an option, but doing it yourself will save you a lot of money. In this guide, we shall take you through the process of installing a refrigerator water filter. 

Let’s delve into the article! 

What Type of Water Filter does your Refrigerator Have

Before we talk about the process of how to install the water filter, you should know which type of water filter will suit your refrigerator. There are three types of water filters for refrigerators, and it is important to know which type your fridge has and where it is located.

The three types of water filters are as follows: 

1. Quarter-Turn/Twist-In

The quarter-turn water filter also referred to as the twist-in water filter, is installed inside the fridge. The manufacturers usually install them in the fridge’s upper right corner. Hence, while spotting this filter, you should be on the lookout for any twist release. 

2. In-Line

In-Line water filters come in the form of being attached to the waterline. Hence, they are found at the backside of the refrigerator. To look for this filter, you will have to look at its back. 

3. Push-In

The push-in refrigerator will be found inside your refrigerator. You’ll be able to spot it in one of the following places: 

  • Inside the fridge. 
  • Near the grill. 
  • Inside a compartment present in the fridge’s front bottom. 

How to Install Refrigerator Water Filter

Now that you know the type of your water filter, it is time to install it. As there are three types of water filters, we will guide you on how to install each of them separately in this section. 

Installing a Quarter-Turn/Twist-In Water Filter

For this, keep the new filter and a wrench in handy just in case you need it. 

  • Begin with turning the twist release a turn counterclockwise. 
  • If it gets stuck, take the help of the wrench. 
  • Once you spot the filter’s cap, pull it and then keep it aside as you’ll be able to use it later. 
  • Now, take the new filter and put the cap on it. 
  • Take the new filter and keep turning its cap clockwise. 
  • Keep doing it till it goes back to its position. 
  • Once done, your filter will be fitted! 

Installing an In-Line Filter

To install this filter, you’ll need a copper cutter, a bucket, and steel wool.

  • Changing an in-line filter can be a little complicated due to its placement. 
  • Now, turn the cold-water supply of the refrigerator off. 
  • Find or create an area for tubing between the refrigerator and the shut-off valve. 
  • Now, use a plastic/copper cutter to cut the tubing. 
  • Make sure to cut it in squares as angled cuts may lead to leakage. 
  • If the edges are not smooth, use steel wool to smoothen them. 
  • Now, take this tubing and attach it to the new filter after removing its end cap. 
  • Lock it by putting the end cap back on the filter. 
  • Now, turn on the water supply. 
  • Hold the filter and let the water run till it is completely clear. 
  • You’ll have to repeat this process for both ends of the water filter. 
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye out for leaks. 

Installing a Push-In Filter

For this filter, you won’t require any tools. Hence, just get the new filter.

  • You’ll find a button next to the old filter. 
  • Push the button to eject the filter out of the refrigerator. 
  • Don’t forget to remove the cap, as you’ll use it on the new filter. 
  • Take the new filter & put the cap on it. Make it a point to place the cap evenly so that it lines up with your filter. 
  • Now, smoothly & carefully slide the new filter inside & your job will be perfectly done when the push-button pops up. 

Few Other Tips

  • Take a marker to write the date on the new filter. This will allow you to remember when it was fitted so that you can change it accordingly. 
  • It is recommended to change the water filter once every six months. 
  • Don’t forget to run 2 to 3 gallons of water through the new filter before you start using it. This will ensure that all that impurities get cleared. 


Now that you know how to install the water filter inside your refrigerator, you should be able to go through the complete process conveniently and without the help of any professionals.

You can always hire a professional to perform the job for you, but it will take longer & they will charge a good amount of money. Hence, it is always a cheaper and faster bet to be doing it on your own. 

You can also read our guides on how often should you change filters in your refrigerators and the benefits of refrigerator water filters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it mandatory to turn the water off before installing the refrigerator filter?

Yes, it is recommended that you turn the water off as it will make the installation process easier for you. On the other hand, you should be careful about which filter you’re installing. If you pick an incorrect filter, it may have a bad impact on the functioning of your refrigerator.

What is the amount of water that I should be running through the water filter after I’ve installed it?

You should be running 2-3 gallons of water through the new refrigerator water filter as it will clean the water filter from the inside before it cleans the water for you, and it will also allow you to check for any leaks. Moreover, doing this will also ensure that your water filter doesn’t sputter.

What will happen if I don’t change my refrigerator’s old filter?

If you fail to change the water filter of your refrigerator, it will lead to deposit buildup and scaling in your refrigerator’s ice & water machine. Not changing the filter can also damage the fridge, as it will slow down the processes, and it will also lead to bad-tasting water.

Is it necessary to clean the water lines of my refrigerator?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to clean the water lines of your refrigerator. One sign that you need to clean the water lines is that your water will start tasting like mildew. If you don’t clean it regularly, a layer of unwanted particles and bacteria will form in your refrigerator’s water filter.

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