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How to Install Under the Sink Water Filter? Step-by-Step

Published by: Paulo Baker

How to Install Under the Sink Water Filter

Under the sink water filter is a filtration system set up under the sink and has its own faucet the family can use for drinking water. This filter can assist get rid of chlorine, nitrate, lead, viruses, and more undesirable water components. It is easy to install an under sink water filter.

Just make sure you have the essential tools needed and some time and patience as well.

Step By Step Guide in Installing Under Sink Water Filter

Follow these steps to easily install under the sink water filter in your kitchen…

1. Turn Off Cold Water to Your Kitchen

This is the first move in setting up an under-sink water filter. You will be working on the plumbing, and if you accidentally damage the pipe, this can prevent the water from flooding in your kitchen.

There must be a shut-off valve connected to your cold water pipe under the sink. You can do this by slackening the nut and take off the tube. Turn it off and then detached the water line from the shut-off valve.

After turning off the waterline, make sure to get rid of the remaining water in the water line before starting the installation job. Leave the faucet open until all the remaining water is drained.

2. Mark the Spot

Before drilling holes and cutting pipes, make sure you know where to put the under sink filter. So you have to nail down the particular location where the filtration system will sit and where you like the faucet to appear.

Put the water filter on the wall, near the waterline, then hold up your mounting bracket around the filtration system and make a mark for the screws and then drive your screws in half at the spot.

It would be best if you also chose where to install the faucet. If you have a spray nozzle or soap dispenser and you want to eliminate it, you can utilize an existing hole. It would be best if you double-check the area and make that location on the sink.

3. Drill a Gap/Hope within the Sink

You can skip this step if you replace your spray nozzle or soap dispenser with the under sink filter faucet.

When you are drilling a hole, make sure to thoroughly check that the position is precisely where you like it. This might look like overkill. However, if the gap is there, it is impossible to un-drill it.

If you have a standard filter system, you will require drilling a 1 ¼ inch hole in the sink. It is vital to consider the material the sink is made of before drilling. In case your sink is made of granite or ceramic, there are some techniques that you can follow.

If the sink is made of steel, you can still make a hole yourself. Just utilize a carbide-tipped blade. Lubricant is also needed to keep the whole from overheating. Begin by drilling a ¼ inch hole and then going beyond there.

4. Split the Water Line

It is vital to have a separate water line going to the under sink filter. This is because you are going to install a new faucet in the sink. So, it would be best if you split your existing cold water pipe.

Check if the under sink water filter comes with a splitter and purchase one if it does not have one. Attach this splitter to the water shut-off valve. In case you have ½ inch fittings, you will require a ¼ adapter for your splitter.

5. Hang Your Filter

It is now time to attach your water filter. But, first, you have to connect the new split water line to your filter.

Make sure the filter has two valves to link the waterline. One is for tap water, and the other one is for clean water. Ensure to attach the water line coming from the shut-off valve to tap water in your valve.  

Then fasten the hose to the new faucet pt clean water out valve on under sink filter if it is not already connected. When secure, drive the screw on the bracket. Now the water filter is securely connected under the sink.

6. Connect Your New Faucet to Your Sink

It is time to set up your new faucet. It would help if you had the drill placed and the hose directly to the tap connected to the water filter.

Start by putting the faucet into the hole in the sink. Connect the hose from the water filter unit to the base of your faucet. Make sure all the plumbing must be reconnected.

Lift your faucet a bit when your spout is attached and put a bead of putty below the faucet. Set in place the tap and tighten the nut to seize it in the spot. It would be best if you did this to help secure your faucet and at the same time avoid leaking.

7. Switch On the Water Line

If all the connections are in the right place and the water filter system is installed securely, your next move is to turn on the waterline.

But ensure to do it slowly as the water filter faucet cannot be left open; some come with an air release valve. Make sure to locate this before turning on the waterline.

8. Check Everything

While you allow the water flow after the setup is done, you need to check each water filtration system’s connection carefully. You need to dry off the pipes thoroughly, allow the water to flow for a couple of minutes, and ensure no leak.

A small leak might not look like a problem at first, but it may worsen and lead to a big issue when taken for granted. 

Many under-sink filter systems available out there have plastic piping that can break down fast than you may want. In case you are worried about the integrity of its piping, you can buy metal supply lines.

A lot of hardware stores online and offline have flexible stainless steel supplies in different sizes. If the whole thing is attached correctly and no leaking found, shut off your faucet.

You can also watch this video to see all the steps to install under the sink water filter in your home…

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change an under-sink water filter?

An under sink water filter, its filter need to be changed from time to time. It is not hard to change an under-sink water filter. You can do this in just a couple of minutes. But, make sure you have the needed tools ready. First, turn off valve and drain, remove the filter, and replace the filter.

How much does it cost to install under sink water filter?

This will cost you from $150 the lowest and $1,200 the highest. If you do it yourself, expect to give at $50 up to $1000. Usually, the installation runs from $100 up to $300 for an expert. Popular brands such as Aqua-Pure and Culligan can cost you $1000 or less than at home improvement stores near you or plumbing centers.

Can I install a water filtration system myself?

Yes. You can install a filtration system yourself, provided that you have the tools and materials needed and also a clear and concise guide. But, if you are not sure of yourself, you can hire an expert to do it for you.

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