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Is Charcoal Filtered Water Safe to Drink? Explained!

Published by: Paulo Baker

Is Charcoal Filtered Water Safe to Drink

Water sources can be contaminated by heavy metals, bacteria as well as other contaminants. Charcoal filters are a popular way of filtering water. They come in different forms. You can attach a charcoal filter to your water faucet and use it in fridge water filters. 

Carbon for a filter comes from charcoal, and these terms are interchangeably used. But, the question is, is charcoal filtered water safe to drink? Keep on reading to the answer. 

What is Charcoal Filtered Water?

A charcoal carbon filter is a small piece of Carbon, usually in powdered or granular block type, treated very porous. 

It’s very hollow that only one gram of activated carbon can have a surface area of higher than 500m2. The massive surface area allows these filters to adsorb exponentially more pollutants and allergens than conventional Carbon.  

Adsorption is a different process where organic compounds in the water or air react chemically with this Carbon that causes it to stick or attach to the water filter. 

The more porous the Carbon is, the more pollutants it will detain. These carbon filters are used to eliminates hazardous compounds in a residential air purification system. 

Is Charcoal Filtered Water Safe to Drink? 

Yes. Charcoal filtered water is proven safe to drink. Most public tap water in Europe is very regulated, tested as well as certified for drinking. 

But, to make it secure and safe, chlorine is added that might make it taste and smell bad. Carbon filters are superb at eliminating chlorine and related poor odor and taste. Carbon filters can get rid of 95% or more of the free chlorine.

VOCs or by-products are the common issues with tap water in the UK from the chlorine like THMs, which are determined as potentially cancerous. Carbon is efficient than other filter systems in eliminating VOCs. According to EPA, it eliminates the common VOCs. 

FOS is a synthetic chemical utilize in fire fighting foam, stain repellants, and metal plating. It has ended up in the drinking water sources for more than years, with many incidents in Europe. 

According to the study done by the Environmental Directorate of the OECD PFOS in 2002 is persistent, toxic to mammalian species. Carbon has been discovered to efficiently remove PFOS, including PFAS, PFOA, and PFNA, making water safe to drink. 

Can charcoal filters make you sick? 

A charcoal water filter is safe to use and will not make you sick, mainly if you use the ones rated by a third party for material safety. 

All charcoal carbon filters available on the market are rated for chlorine; taste, odor removal, as well as sub-micron carbon blocks, eliminate other contaminants, including lead or cysts.

Charcoal carbon block filters with sub-micron ratings go beyond eliminating other particles in mechanical filtration. This filter works like a screen door that keeps unnecessary elements out and allows clean water.

Carbon block pores filters that measure less than one micron are small for a cyst to pass in. 

Charcoal carbon is a superb filter and lessens a huge number of impurities from a water supply. But, chlorine can result in unpleasant taste and smell in tap water and make potentially carcinogenic by-products. To produce safe and healthy water, carbon filters out by-products of chlorine. 

Are charcoal filters harmful? 

People today have become aware of health problems. They are extremely health conscious and ready to spend a lot of effort to ensure their loved ones are safe and sound. This is why water treatment filters are gaining lots of popularity at this point. 

Water from the faucet is not safe anymore, and people have to utilize filters to make sure the quality of the water is high. One standard water treatment filter would be charcoal filters. 

So, is charcoal filter harmful? No. In fact, it is very efficient and reliable in filtering VOCs or volatile organic compounds and odors.

As a whole, it will just filter organic or Carbon-based chemicals. It is not effective against non-organic compounds or chemicals. 

However, in due course, it is regarded a safe and sound and not harmful or dangerous. 

Final Thoughts

Water filters can assist in reducing the number of impurities or contaminants in the drinking water. A charcoal carbon filter is considered one of the best and effective filters available for water filters. 

A charcoal carbon filtered water is safe to drink and will not cause any health issues, provided that you use those approved by the third party authority. 


Is charcoal good for filtering water?

Yes. Charcoal is regarded as suitable for filtering water. This functions through the absorption process and is ideal for water filtration as it eliminates toxins from the drinking water without stripping the important mineral and stripping the water of salts.

Does charcoal make water safe to drink?

Yes. Charcoal makes drinking water safe to drink. This is the best and ideal filtration system because it eliminates toxins from the water supply without eliminating important minerals. On the other hand, impurities are stayed or are retained in the water filter. It is vital to replace the water filter every twelve months to make sure it keeps working the way it used to be.

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