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The Expected Lifespan of Activated Carbon Water Filters?

Published by: Paulo Baker

The Lifespan of Activated Carbon Water Filters

Understanding how long an activated carbon water filter lasts is vital not just for the excellent taste as well as to ensure that all contaminants are eliminated but also for your well-being.

So in this post, we will tell you what is the expected lifespan of activated carbon water filters…

What are Activated Carbon Water Filters?

An activated carbon filter is used to eliminate organic compounds or take out chlorine from the water supply, thereby making your water ideal for discharge or application in manufacturing processes. 

Getting rid of organics or particles in the water prevents chlorine from chemically responding with the acids and develops carcinogens.

Like other water treatment techniques, an activated carbon filter cannot remove every possible form of contaminant. For instance, fluoride, sodium microbes, and nitrates can’t be eliminated with AC filtration. Water softening also can’t be obtained with AC filters. 

What is more, heavy metals like lead can just be eliminated with a particular form of activated carbon filter water treatment that is usually utilized only in residential point of use filters.

How long Do Activated Carbon Filters Last in Water Filters?

Many companies utilize activated carbon, or activated charcoal, in the water filters, firstly to rid of harmful contaminants. 

Secondly is to eliminate bad smells and boost the taste. Understanding how long the carbon filters really last is vital in keeping their efficiency and keeps your loved ones safe and sound.

Many companies will give both the number of months and gallons of application of the carbon filters must last, while some just offer any of the mentioned values. 

On the other hand, regardless of how long the brands recommend their filters must last, virtually all will be a warning and caution these numbers through commenting that the filter’s lifespan is based on water condition in the area and how much it is utilized.

They are correct. The answer to the question “how long activated carbon filters last in water filters,” well there’s no precise timestamp, which can be put on this filter. The number of contaminants present in the water will mainly figure out how long the carbon lasts. How often do you use it?

The lifespan of Activated Carbon Water Filters Based on Number of Months

All types of water filtration systems come with an expiration date. It is vital to go after the specific replacement time frame of the manufacturers of activated carbon filters. As of now, there’s no technique to know precisely an activated water filter will last because it can differ significantly between users or households.

Because of this, companies take a bit of a conservative way when offering the anticipated lifetime in months. 

However, to be reasonable, manufacturers must think of how quickly activated carbon might age as an outcome of adsorbing particles from different places and at what level the impurities in the water filtered tens to become unacceptable.

Activated carbon filters can last than the suggested number of months. However, it can also easily last for not many months. The lifespan could change dramatically; it depends on where you live, the quality of the tap water, and how often you utilize it.

Keep this in mind; know that this filter carries a suggested number of months before replacing.

Knowing that the carbon filter is still offering an effective filtration job is what is essential. Once it expires in six months, do not use it for eight months, although you have not reached the gallons quota.

The lifespan of Activated Carbon Water Filters Based on Gallons Used

An activated carbon filter is made to filter out a specific amount of water. What restricts the number of gallons activated carbon filters can process and, in the end, run out is how much the filter has adsorbed.

If used up, there’s no more extended space for chemicals and particles to stick onto the carbon, and then the filter’s lifespan has run out. Like deactivated Dalek, activated carbon filters become deactivated when their usefulness has stopped, like when they take up all from the supply water.

So, the lifespan of activated carbon water filters based on gallons taken up depends on the water supply.

What Reduces the Lifespan of Activated Carbon Filters?

The quality of the water is what reduces the activated carbon filter’s lifespan. The number of gallons of water filters is usually the best-case setting, and the entire period is perhaps lesser.

As the level or number of pollutants in water can diverge in the UK and between families or households, the water volume carbon filters will last accordingly.

A pollutant is a broad term applied to almost anything suspended or dissolved in your tap water. Both can be good like minerals or dreadful like dangerous chemicals and heavy metals. 

An activated carbon filters these contaminants; however,  a high level in the tap water will drastically lessen the duration of the water filter.

Therefore, how many gallons of carbon filters will last? Well, it depends on the quality of the tap water, location, and how often you utilize it.

How to Make Activated Carbon Filters Last a Little Longer

There are many tips that you can do to extend the lifespan of the activated carbon filters, such as:

Clean It Regularly: Some carbon filters available are cleanable. This enhances the lifespan by eliminating surface sediments as well as unblocking blocked pores. Use gloves when cleaning; just utilize warm water and utilize paper towels to eliminate surface scum.

Change Pre-Filter Regularly: A lot of filters come with pre-filter as well as sediment filters. These are cheaper than the activated carbon filters, and substituting them will augment its last time.

Zip-Lock the Filter when Not Using: Make sure to put the filter into a zip lock bag to avoid submerging any impurities in the air.

Final Thoughts

You need to know when to replace the activated carbon filters. Using expired carbon filters can lead to various issues. 

In due course, the answer to the question above depends on the membranes or water filter, source of water, and amount of impurities. Some filters last for six to twelve months, while some last for two to five years; it depends on many factors.


Does the activated charcoal carbon filter last forever?

No. an Activated charcoal carbon filter doesn’t last forever. You need to know factors that can affect the lifespan of your activated carbon filter to know when to replace it.

Do carbon water filters have a shelf life?

You can store the carbon filter for more than three years from purchase in the original polythene wrapping.

Do activated carbon filters need to be replaced?

You may use an activated carbon filter, but sometimes it gets saturated, and you need to change it or the whole filter. A carbon filter is required to be changed after eighteen to twenty-four months or daily use. It can last up to four years if you don’t use it often.

How often should a carbon filter be replaced?

Change the filter every six months to 12 months. Avoid using the filter for longer than 12 months.

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