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How to Test Water at Home with a Water Test Kit in 2022

Published by: Paulo Baker

How Can I Test My Water at Home with a Water Test Kit

Water quality matters a lot as water plays a crucial role in maintaining good health. Often, water appears crystal clear in a glass, but in reality, many microscopic pollutants and contaminants are in it. 

Thus, it’s critical to test the quality and purity of water. There are several ways to find the impurities in the water quickly. In this article, we will talk about various factors that help you test your water at home with a water test kit.

What is a Home Water Test Kit?

A home water test kit is a tool that comes in variant shapes and styles. Contemporary people are using a range of water test kits at home to check the impurities in their drinking water.

There are a variety of home water test kits, including water testing strips, photometers, TDS electronic handheld meters, chemical titration tests, and much more.

Different water test kits have other methods to use that determine the water’s quality. For instance, water test strips change their color if impurities are present in water.

TDS electronic handheld meter checks the pH, ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), and solids dissolved in water. However, these kits are not an ideal way to certify the water.

What is The Use of a Water Test Kit?

Water test kits are used to gain valuable insight into drinking water. They quickly identify the composition of contaminants such as iron, mineral, hardness, total dissolved solids, arsenic, nitrates, or lead. 

However, there is a limited way to check the bacteria in the water but finding out the coliform in drinking water is imperative as it warns you from the dangerous components.

Using a water test kit helps you determine the nature of water and the types of contaminants in it. 

They quickly tell you whether your drinking water contains some specific harmful substance or not. You can find cyanide, copper, and lead in it, but some implications won’t be findable by the home test kits such as cryptosporidium.

Meanwhile, home water test kits have a significant role in maintaining your health as it warns you against water impurities.

How to Test the Water at Home with a Water Test Kit?

There are different methods to test the water through other water test kits. Some methods using the kits are listed below:

1. E.Coli Water Testing Kit

It’s a professional and private water test kit in which users put some drops of water into a petri dish using an accurate medium and place it into an incubator. Leave the plate for 24 to 48 hours.

This way, the bacteria find an optimal way to grow, and after a certain period, you will get the result. If you find a colony of bacteria on the dish, the water is not safe to drink.

2. Water test strips

Water test strips are the best to check the composition of nitrate, bacteria, and hardness in the drinking water at your home. To contain the bacteria, use the strip and look at it for hours, e.g., 48 hours to stir.

Water Test Strip Chart

If the color of the solution gets changed, the contamination of bacteria is high. Similarly, you can check the hardness of the water using the strips via the titration chemical-drop method.

3. TDS meters

This is a method to find the total dissolved solids in the drinking water. It has two rods called electrodes that pass the signal to one another with just a button click. You can find the ultra-purity of the drinking water as it shows the TDS level in number.

What is TDS in Water and Why Should You Measure It

You can even create DIY water testing kits to learn more about the chemistry of water purification.

You can also watch this video to see how to test water at home with a water test kit…

How Dependable Are Water Testing Kits?

People often ask about the accuracy of home water test kits, and the answer also depends upon the methods and way you choose to check the water’s quality. If you follow the proper water testing steps, the result will be authentic.

However, certain factors affect the result of the water test kit, such as water container, expiry date of water testing kit, wrong method, etc.

To get reliable results from home water test kits, it’s imperative to use clean water containers, check the expiry date of the testing kits, and use chemicals that aren’t expired.

Where Are Water Test Kits Available?

In the present time, it’s essential to drink clean and safe water; thus, home water test kits are in great demand.

If you are also looking for home test water kits, there are numerous places where you can buy reliable water test kits. You can purchase the kits from various shops and virtual shops like amazon.

Furthermore, many trustable sites offer a range of water testing kits at a minimal price.

How to Determine Water Quality By Using a Water Test Kit?

Home water test kits are handy apparatus to check whether the water is safe to drink or not. It shows the accurate result and the nature of the water.

Using the appropriate instructions on the water test kits will give a precise outcome. In many cases, you will find the change in watercolor if it is impure. 


There are numerous methods to evaluate the purity and impurity of drinking water. It is worthwhile to use home water test kits as it enables you to check the quality of the water without any hassle.

It is recommended to follow the instructions given on the water test kits to find reliable results. More and more water contamination issues are becoming a serious issue and must be dealt with swiftly.

Learn the shocking details of widespread contamination of water in the latest scientific studies in the US.


What Other Methods Can Be Used For Testing Water At Home?

You can use variant methods at home to check the quality of the water, such as using water testing strips, TDS meter, PH meter, plating, and much more.

Do The Water Test Kits Show The Actual Quality Of Water?

Yes, you can get actual results using the water test kits at home if you follow the instructions carefully. Also, make sure to check the expiry date of the equipment and don’t open the testing kit accidentally.

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