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The 6 Types of Home Water Filters (with Pros & Cons) in 2021

Published by: Paulo Baker

Types of Home Water Filters

Is a faucet water filter effective for delivering clean water or is installing a filter under my sink a better choice? Are activated carbon water filters more effective or reverse osmosis

There are multiple kinds of questions when you’re looking for a nice water filter for your home. This is primarily because of the wide variety available in the market today to suit every need of yours. 

In this article, we will mainly look at some of the commonly used types of home water filters. 

Different Types of Home Water Filters 

Before purchasing your water filter, you must be fully aware of all the types. There are a lot of aspects that can affect the kind of your water filter as well as the technique of water filtration that you choose. 

These choices can vary from house to house. Some things that are important to keep in mind are most importantly your budget, pressure of the water, material, pipe specifications, and so on. 

The most popular kinds of water filters that are preferred for household use in the United States are: 

1. Pitcher Water Filter

Pitcher water filters stand out from the other kinds of household filters because of their portability and reasonable prices. 

A usual model of pitcher filter includes 2 main components. In the middle of its top half portion, you will see a filter that is mainly filled with a certain amount of activated carbon. 

You’ll be pouring the water that you wish to be filtered in this area. When the water gets filtered, it will move towards the bottom portion of your jar. After this, you can start pouring your filtered water out from here. 

These water filters unfortunately feature a confined capacity. Hence, they are primarily best for filtering water for cooking or drinking purposes. 

Moreover, you can also use them for getting pure water if you are somewhere outdoors such as for camping. They prove to be a very safe as well as a comfortable option in these circumstances. 


→ Affordable price

→ Can eliminate plenty of chemicals as well as minerals from tap water

→ Compact

→ Simple to use


→ Are quite slow in filtering water

→ Limited capacity: One will have to pour the tap water in and then pause for a little while to pour more again

2. Water Filter for Faucet 

As you can understand from its name, a water filter for the faucet is a compact appliance that can be installed directly on the faucet.

This filter eliminates all the water pollutants before it even gets out and provides you with clean water that you can use for washing or cooking purposes. 

These filters are usually cheap which makes them one of the most popular options among various households. They are highly effective in terms of enhancing the taste as well as the odor of your water as in a lot of regions, tap water is not very clean or safe. 


→ Compact

→ Affordable price

→ Highly convenient

→ You don’t have to keep filling the water constantly

→ Simple installation


→ Causes a significant loss of flow rate

→ It may not function properly with some low faucets

3. Countertop Filters

Water filters for the countertop are a suitable option for you if you wish to filter the tap water in your house without filling or emptying the container. These water filters are small in size and are installed on your faucet. 

They work to filter your water whenever you turn your faucet on. Many manufacturers provide a particular faucet with this kind of water filter. 

The footprint of the majority of this water filter is small. Nonetheless, it does require a certain amount of space on the kitchen countertop, which is why it is not a very preferable option for kitchen countertops that are too narrow. 


→ Fast functioning

→ Mid-range prices

→ Removes more contaminants as compared to a faucet water filter

→ Easy installation


→ Requires countertop area

4. Under Sink Water Filter

This kind of filter is usually set up under your kitchen sink. It works to discard various contaminants including bacteria and makes your tap water cleaner and safer. 

This water filter is typically quite heavy and costly. However, it can filter large quantities of water much quicker in comparison to the countertop or faucet water filters. 


→ Bulky

→ Deals with more water quickly

→ Typically hides under the kitchen sink, not noticeable

→ Can remove numerous types of water pollutants


→ Costly

→ Complicated installation

5. Water Filtration System For Whole House

These filtration systems are typically found in those houses that do not have tap water as their water source.

Whole house water filters are usually set up directly to your household water tank, linked to your primary pipeline, and filters your water effectively before circulating it in various locations in your house. 


→ Purifies the water directly at the primary pipe: You don’t have to look for filters for various water sources in your home

→ The vast filtration system discards numerous contaminants efficiently

→ Proves to be Cost-effective in a longer run


→ Costly

→ Requires installation by a professional

6. Showerhead Filter

Just like the faucet water filter, a shower head water filter is installed on the shower head for purifying water for the shower in your house. Some manufacturers provide the showerhead along with the water filter itself. 

These water filters are mostly recommended for the regions that have significant quantities of fluoride as well as chlorine in their water supply. For those who don’t know, both of these chemicals can cause severe irritation and dryness for people who have very sensitive skin. 

A lot of customers reviewed that they witnessed a significant decline in their hair loss and their skin got much smoother after a shower head water filter was installed inside the washrooms in their house. 


→ Eliminates basic impurities

→ Improves human skin as well as hair

→ Affordable prices

→ Easy installation


→ The flow rate may slow down


So these were different types of water filters that you can easily use at your homes. All of them are effective but also have certain cons. If you are looking for a good water filter, the first step is to make sure that you consider all the things properly and only then make the final decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most common kind of water filter that is used for drinking purposes?

The most popular choice is a pitcher water filter. They work to discard a great number of minerals as well as chemicals from your tap water, making it safe for drinking purposes.

Is the brand of the water filter vital to consider?

The brand of your water filter doesn’t make much difference. There are more important things that you need to consider including quality control, the safety of your product, material, various components, functionality, customer service, and so on.

However, it would be great if the particular brand is a reputable one. The majority of the reputed companies offer strict material as well as quality control in the United States.

How do I select the appropriate water filter that will discard all the impurities present in my tap water?

An ideal way of choosing the most appropriate water filter for you is getting the tap water of your house tested in the lab. This will help you in recognizing all the contaminants that are present in your water and after that, you can select the water filter that is suitable for eliminating all those impurities.

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