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Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Review 2022

We’ve spent over 25 hours of research testing this RO water filtration system by Waterdrop to see if it's best for you. Let's find out!

Published by: Paulo Baker

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Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Quick facts about Waterdrop RO System

β†’ Brand: Waterdrop

β†’ Capacity: 400 Liters

β†’ Dimensions: 18.06 x 5.68 x 17.76 inches

β†’ Flow Rate: 800 GPD

β†’ Pure to Drain Rate: 3 : 1

β†’ Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system and cross filtration

β†’ Certification: NSF/ANSI standard 58 & 372

β†’ Included components: System cover, Brushed nickel faucet, RO filter, CF filter, CB filter, PE pipes (3), T-fitting, waste-water clip


– Tankless design that ensures that the clean water doesn’t sit in the storage tank and pick up foul odors and tastes inside it

– Comes equipped with a built-in booster pump that speeds up the water flow

– Filter guarantees the least water wastage

– Filter’s compact design and slim look enhance the overall look and feel, save up on kitchen space, and do not impact how your kitchen looks


– Extra filter is required to add the magnesium and calcium to the water

– Takes a bit longer to fill huge jugs, given that it is a tankless system

Expert’s Rating


Our Verdict

This tankless RO water filter system by Waterdrop comes with a 400 liters capacity, compact design, and smart faucet feature. Overall Waterdrop RO system is amazing because it’s inexpensive, does an amazing job, and it’s easy to find replacement filters.

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Water is a necessity for life, and you need to drink clean, safe, and freshwater to ensure that you stay healthy and fit. Unfortunately, tap water consists of various impurities, including harmful chemicals, heavy metals, dust, dirt, herbicides, pesticides, viruses, and bacteria that can be dangerous and cause infections or other health problems. 

The Waterdrop RO system is a great water filtration system that performs the optimal removal of most contaminants. The production capacity of this filter is 400 GPD which guarantees a regular flow of water at all times. 

This tankless RO water filtration system produces a glass of water in a quick 12 seconds, and it has a 1:1 wastewater to purified water ratio. In addition, the sleek design and the compact look make it easier to carry around and fit in different spaces. 

In this review below, let’s look at this seven-stage water filtration system’s advantages, disadvantages, specifications, features, and alternatives. Let’s start. 

Why is the Waterdrop RO System Best For You? 

Here are the reasons why the Waterdrop system is the best option for you: 

  • It hardly takes any time to set up and takes less than 3 seconds to switch between different channels. 
  • The wastewater to purified water ratio of this water filtration system is 1:1. 
  • The water stream of this water filter is rapid, and it takes no time to give you fresh and clean water on-demand. 
  • Provides immediate filtration, and the water’s taste and smell don’t change as the water does not sit in the storage tank after flowing through the RO membrane. 

You can also watch this quick intro video of this water filter…

Features of Waterdrop RO System

This water filtration system is priced at $450 on Amazon

1. NSF 372 & NSF 58 Certification 

This water filtration system comes with the NSF 58 certification for TDS reduction and NSF 372 certification for being lead-free.

It uses reverse osmosis technology to eliminate most contaminants, including heavy metals, limescale, TDS, and fluoride. 

2. Innovative Tankless Design

This innovative water filtration system by Waterdrop is an all-rounder.

The innovative tankless design of the system ensures that dust particles and other impurities don’t make their way into the purified water. But, at the same time, it sits in the storage tank of the filter. 

3. No Waiting Time

With an internal pump, this reverse osmosis water filtration system provides a water flow of 400 GPD. It cleans water in no time, and hence, it won’t make you wait to drink clean and fresh water. 

4. 1:1 Wastewater to Purified Water Ratio 

Compared to other RO water filters, the Waterdrop water filtration system wins the battle in terms of wastewater to purified water ratio. It saves up a lot on wastewater as it wastes the least water while undergoing the purification process. 

5. Faucet

The Waterdrop RO water filtration system includes a lead-free faucet with an LED light. This light turns on when the tap is in use, and as it is lead-free, you know that the faucet does not contaminate the water

6. Carbon Block Filter and Sediment Filter

This reverse osmosis water filtration system includes a sediment filter and two carbon block filters that remove large particles from the water like salt, sand, and rust.

These filters also eliminate chloramines, chlorine, and other chemicals that impact water quality. 

7. Semipermeable RO Membrane 

The semipermeable RO membrane ensures the elimination of all the microscopic components present in the water. 

8. Activated Carbon Filter (Post-Filter)

After all the impurities have been removed from the water, the Waterdrop RO water filter’s post-filter adds all the natural nutrients and essential minerals back into the water. This enhances the water’s taste, and increases the water’s alkalinity. 

9. Leakage Protection 

The Waterdrop water filtration system has a built-in system to protect the system from water leakages. This system switches the water supply off as soon as it detects moisture or a peak under the device. 

Alternatives to Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

In this section, we will look at a few alternatives to the Waterdrop RO system: 

1. AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration System

The AQUA TRU countertop water filtration system provides clean drinking water without taking space under your kitchen sink. This countertop filter is placed on the kitchen countertop, and it does not require any installation. 

The water filtration eliminates 82 impurities like radium, chromium, chlorine, copper, and lead. It has a long-lasting filter, and it purifies water effectively. 


  • It comes with a four-stage water filtration system. 
  • The water production capacity of this filter is producing 1 gallon of water every 15 minutes. 
  • The tank size of this filter is 1 gallon. 


  • The filters can be changed easily. 
  • It is a countertop water filter, and it doesn’t require any installation. 
  • Eliminates over 82 contaminants found in water. 


  • It may not be the most affordable option. 
  • Few users think this water filter occupies a lot of counter space. 
  • Won’t be able to cater to the needs of larger families. 

2. AlcaPure Purifier Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

This countertop water filter is perfect for those who cannot take the headache of installing a water filter but want to experience the benefits of having a reverse osmosis water filtration system at home. 

The water filter is perfect for small households, and it removes 99% of the unwanted particles. In addition, its compact design and easy installation process make it easy to carry around. 


  • Its tank size is half a gallon. 
  • It comes with a four-stage water filtration process. 
  • The production capacity of this unit is 75 GPD. 


  • Remineralizes water with magnesium and calcium. 
  • It is capable of fulfilling the water requirements of a small family. 
  • It is a countertop model and doesn’t need to be installed. 
  • Eliminates 99% of the contaminants. 


  • This device is pricey. 

3. Express Water UV Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

If you’re looking to buy a pocket-friendly water filter that provides high-quality water for consumption and sits right under your kitchen sink, so it doesn’t change how your kitchen looks, Express Water’s 11-stage RO system is the right option. 

The 11-stage filtration process ensures the complete elimination of all the contaminants, and its ultraviolet sterilizer removes any foul taste and smells from water. 


  • It includes an 11-stage water filtration process. 
  • It has a water production capacity of 100 GPD. 
  • The tank size of this product is 4 gallons. 


  • This device is budget-friendly. 
  • Eliminates contaminants and retains essential nutrients and minerals. 


  • The replacement filters of this water filter are costly. 
  • It may come with certain manufacturing defects. 


The best part about investing in a Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis System is that it doesn’t have any sort of complicated installation steps, and it is set to start working as soon as you plug it in. The filter also has visible indicator lights, making it easier for you to understand when the filters need to be replaced. 

The 400 GPD daily water capacity of the filtration system is great. However, the system is not-so-affordable, and it is costlier than other filtration systems in the industry. Therefore, we suggest you go through this guide thoroughly to make the right decision as per your budget and requirements. 


How often should I change the RO membrane of my Waterdrop RO System?

As recommended by the manufacturer, you should replace the RO membrane of your water filtration system once every two years or after using 2,200 gallons of water.

What is the minimum required water pressure to operate the Waterdrop water filter?

The minimum required water pressure is 14.5 to 87 PSI. Therefore, the water filter will work appropriately if the water pressure is maintained within the range as mentioned above.

Can the Waterdrop RO System get connected to your refrigerator?

Yes. The Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System can connect to your refrigerator.

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