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What Does PUR Water Filter Remove? & Why you Should use it

Published by: Paulo Baker

What Does PUR Water Filter Remove

Water filters by PUR are an amazing choice for people who wish to have several choices for specialized water filters that work to get rid of a wide variety of pollutants from their water. 

The brand provides much more features that most people aren’t even familiar with. However, the real concern lies in the contaminants that these water filters remove in the true sense. 

In this article, we are going to explain to you what does PUR water filter remove and why you should go with PUR’s water filter.

About PUR

PUR secures its place among some of the prominent companies that offer dispenser filters, pitcher filters, faucet filters, refrigerator water filters, and replacement water filters.


The company was the original one for claiming the removal of trace degrees of pharmaceuticals specified in the tap water in the United States.  

The products by PUR work to remove almost 61 water pollutants from tap water and deliver you only pure water to drink. The great part about the company is that all the prices are highly reasonable and the products provide great value for money.

These water filters have been built so smartly that they leave behind the vital part of fluoride while filtering that is considered essential for the development and maintenance of both children as well as adults’ strong teeth. 

What Does Pur Water Filter Remove?

Pitcher filters are certainly not able to compete with reverse osmosis in terms of the removal of water pollutants. However, that’s where PUR shines! 

It might be safe to call PUR the leader of the filtration industry for its outstanding set of abilities while removing contaminants from your water. It is worth mentioning that it eliminates a greater number of impurities as compared to an average pitcher filter available in the market. 

The company was the original one for claiming the removal of trace degrees of pharmaceuticals specified in the tap water in the United States.

Water filters by PUR discard up to 99.95% of cryptosporidium, Giardia, and other microbial cysts. These cysts if left untreated in your water may result in causing intestinal diseases. These filters also remove atrazine up to 94%. Moreover, 97% of odor as well as a taste of chlorine is discarded by these filters which are present initially in your tap water and leaves you with only a fresh and clean taste. 

Although these water filters eliminate almost 61 pollutants from your water, they do not discard vital fluoride. As certified by ADA, fluoride in water is considered essential for the development and maintenance of strong teeth for not just children but also adults. 

After getting rid of all these contaminants from your water, these water filters offer you just clean, safe, and freshwater that smells and tastes good.  

How do Water Filters by PUR Work? 

When you buy a water filter for your house, the primary thing that you expect out of it is making your tap water fully safe and fit for you to drink. However, the fact is that things are slightly more complex than just that. 

A nice water filter makes sure to get rid of all the probable impurities, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, organic compounds, and other pollutants. That is exactly what water filters by PUR do too. 

The company makes use of coconut shells for making activated carbon that they use because of its tiny pores. As your tap water is run through these tiny pores, the filter’s surface region gets loaded with a range of impurities. 

Apart from the role of activated carbon, in all the water filters, the process of ion exchange occurs too. 


A water filter by PUR is formulated for filtering nearly 40 gallons or in simpler terms, it works well for nearly a couple of months of standard usage. Post that, the water filter requires replacement.

The company offers a set of 3 water filters at a reasonable price which in total offers 6 months usage. Many customers have also told this offer to be a very cost-effective option.  

A pitcher water filter by PUR requires almost 6 minutes for filtering your water and that is a great mark. Several people have provided in their reviews that in the true sense, these water filters take up to 9-11 minutes for purifying the water.

Either way, the deal is not a bad one given that it is a pitcher filter after all. It is worth mentioning that a typical water filter may take up to 60 minutes to complete the task. 

Note: The water filters slow down to a great extent when their end is near.  According to a lot of customer reviews, the water filter may need about 30 minutes for filtering an entire water pitcher in this situation. 

Do I need a PUR’s Water Filter?

The water infrastructure in the United States is growing old. The tap water that you get in your houses is likely to become polluted to a great extent while it is on its way from the water source to your house. As you would know, this way comprises long miles of city pipeline.

A water filter is a fundamental requirement for every house if they wish to drink clean and safe water. 

Let’s have a look at some basic reasons for having a water filter by PUR in the US: 

1. Contaminated Surroundings 

No matter what you do or where you go, impurities are everywhere. And the fact is that most of it is not under your or even anyone else’s control. Thus, water filtration becomes the only element in your control. 

2. Old Infrastructure

It might be safe to say that the water infrastructure in the United States is near its end. Water networks have weakened to a great degree and even after the process of water treatment, the water can still get polluted on its way via lead pipelines. 

3. Positive Environmental Effects 

Bottled water is certainly a burden on the environment. It is a much better and eco-friendly idea to drink tap water and filter it out using a good water filter. 

4. Healthier Body 

Except for hydration, water helps in proper digestion and decreases the chances of various diseases and infections. Impurities in water can have some adverse effects on the human body. 


As you can see, water filters by PUR are great for removing a great range of contaminants from your water. Among all of the rivals, PUR stands strong for its affective qualities. Make sure to clean your water filter regularly and replace it when required. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is my PUR water filter going to last?

Pitcher filters by PUR are highly efficient for purifying almost 40 gallons. You will need to replace your dispenser or pitcher filter every couple of months of standard usage. Many water filter models have an electronic indicator that flashes its light notifying you of the status of your filter.

Does the PUR water filter also work for hot water?

No, water filters by PUR won’t work to properly filter hot water which is above 120°F. It is advised that you only use the water filter for cool or cold tap water. At some point in time, if you mistakenly use hot water with the filtration system, just let some cold water run through the filter for a couple of minutes so that the hot liquid gets properly flushed out.

How does PUR’s electronic indicator in the water filter work?

If you have purchased a water filter by PUR, you must have noticed an electronic indicator on its top. This might tell you when your water is filtered and fit for drinking purposes, when your water filter requires to be replaced soon, and when it is unable to filter the tap water any longer. The third option is indicated when you haven’t changed your water filter at the proper time.

Are PUR’s water filters worth it?

Water filters by PUR make use of activated carbon which is made through coconut shells as the pores here are tinier as compared to other kinds of carbon water filters. Moreover, these water filters provide way more value as compared to bottled water considering that the latter is 14x costlier than tap water. Also, bottled water doesn’t always taste good.

Is Brita better than PUR?

The water filters by PUR work to eliminate greater quantities of impurities in comparison to the filters by Brita. However, many people find the taste of their water better in Brita’s water filters. If your main concern is getting rid of the maximum number of water contaminants, PUR water filters are the way to go.

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  1. The majority of common water filters, such those made by PUR, will get rid of most impurities, but fluoride will still flow through. This is due to the fact that fluoride cannot be removed by activated carbon, the material used in most water filters.

    A bone char filter, a type of activated carbon, can come to the rescue. One of the most effective and economical ways to remove fluoride from tap water is to create a bone char filter from a variety of animal bones that have been cleaned and crushed up.


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