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What is PUR water filter? And Advantages of PUR Filters

Published by: Paulo Baker

What is PUR water filter

Water is the basic requirement that one needs for survival. However, it is important that you only drink healthy and clean water, free of contaminants. That’s when the role of the PUR water filter comes in.

It puts in a bit of luxury to the usual faucet water while getting rid of unnecessary impurities and minerals. It only delivers you with a clean glass of water for your better health. 

In this article, we will learn all about a PUR water filter. 

What is PUR Water Filter?

PUR, as a water filtration company, has been in the game for more than three decades. It arrived in the market almost 30 years back and continues to be among the top best companies of water filters to date. Their filters feature an ion-exchange mechanism that comprises three stages. It is also WQA as well as NSF-verified.  

This water filter further features a CleanSensor display system that notifies you of all the updates about the water filter.

The PUR water filter has been formulated to deliver clean water up to 40 gallons. The company suggests that you replace the filter every couple of months for its proper functioning. You will know when to change the filter through its sensor. 

Aesthetics of PUR Water Filter

In terms of its appearance, PUR’s water filter features a steady handle that is connected to the filter’s upper and lower surfaces.

As for now, these filters are only available in the contrast of blue color. They also feature a bit of a boxy shape. 


PUR’s water filters work to eliminate up to 99% of the harmful ingredients present in water. You will find multiple kinds of water filters by PUR.

One filter type can directly be connected to your faucet. The second and the most popular kind is the one that connects to the water pitchers by PUR.

The majority of the pollutants will be discarded from your water as they will pass from the faucet via the water filter by PUR. 

Discarded Pollutants 

The main feature of PUR’s water filter is to disinfect the water. It employs the MAXION mechanism to eliminate the majority of water pollutants including lead, zinc, mercury, cadmium, microbial cysts, pesticides, sediments, chlorine, etc.

Overall, the water filter by PUR discards 70 kinds of pollutants. 

Water Filter Indicator in PUR Water Filter

You will find a sensor on the water filter that notifies you of the replacement status. To start this indication, you just have to press and hold the ‘Reset’ switch for 5-6 seconds. You will see the light flashing green indicating that the water filter is working properly. 

This light is going to blink every time you will drink water using the filter. A green light indicates the proper working of the filter. A yellow light implies that the replacement time of the water filter is near. A red light indicates that you need to change the water filter as soon as possible. 

Advantages of Having a PUR Water Filter

Besides its primary task of purifying water by getting rid of a variety of contaminants as well as organic matter, PUR’s water filter also has some more benefits. 

PUR Water Filter
  1. It works to decrease the amount of chlorine in the water along with improving the odor.
  2. The water filter lets you drink clean water of almost 40 gallons and work adequately for a good couple of months. 
  3. The filter can also be recycled. 

Importance of Using a Water Filter 

All of us are presumably aware of how contaminated water looks like if you have seen a mud pool or a dirty pond. Water, however, is many times contaminated without showing any noticeable signs of being contaminated.

For instance, lead is not the kind of pollutant for you to notice in water. A lot of water tubes in our homes are prepared from lead. Their manufacturing was discontinued when they were proven to cause infections, however, lead solders continued to prevail up until the decade of 1980. 

Lead in water may act as a great hindrance to the biological as well as cognitive growth of a person, further resulting in low IQs. 

While it may be fine to drink faucet water in a lot of areas, it is not a safe option for many others. They have a severe smell and taste of chemicals making them nearly impossible to drink for anyone. Moreover, filtered water is certainly cleaner, healthier, and better in a lot of other ways. 


No pollutants present in water are noticeable with the naked eye which is why a lot of people today are highly concerned about the water they drink. They have started shifting to different water filters to provide them with clean and healthy drinking water.

PUR’s water filters are a great choice that works to eliminate 99% of hazardous components. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does PUR’s Water Filter also have a softening effect on water?

No. PUR’s filter cartridge does not include any kind of softening elements that would soften water.

Does PUR’s water filter eliminate bacteria and viruses?

You must not use PUR’s filters with microbiologically hazardous water. They are not ideal for use if you’re unsure about the water quality or if it isn’t properly disinfected before passing through the filter.

How is this water filter a better option over bottled water?

Water filtered by PUR is undoubtedly a lot more beneficial than the one that’s bottled. PUR’s water filters exclude the nuisance of going to the market and bringing vast containers filled with water, not to mention the long wait for it to be delivered.

PUR’s water filters help you save a few bucks as compared to bottled water. Moreover, these filters are adequately verified by WQA and NSF unlike a lot of bottled water that is not necessarily attested.

How long do the filters last?

You will be able to use the PUR’s water filter for a good one or two months. You will get clean water of up to 40 gallons.

How will I recognize if it’s time to replace the water filter?

The water filter provides a simple way to know if it’s time to replace it. A yellow indicator light will tell you that the time for filter replacement is near. When the indicator light starts to flash red, that’s when you will need to replace the filter.

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