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Zerowater vs Brita Water Filter: Which is Better Option?

Published by: Paulo Baker

Zerowater vs Brita Water Filter Which is Better Option

Water and air are the two most essential elements required by humans for survival. It was one thing to get enough water supply and a whole other aspect of getting safe and healthy water for your home. If you’ve been researching water filters, you must’ve stumbled upon the concept of gravity water filters that use the phenomenon of gravity to provide clean drinking water. 

Zerowater vs Brita are two popular brands that are well-known for their gravity water filter pitchers. While Brita has been leading the market for several years now, Zerowater is relatively new yet one of Brita’s biggest competitors. Both these brands build modern-looking, intelligent, and sleek gravity water filters available in various shapes and sizes. 

Their features and specifications are what set them apart, and in this critically analyzed guide, we will go through the specifications of both these water filter brands so that you pick the right option for your home

Zerowater & Brita Water Filter Models

Here’s a list of models available with Brita and Zerowater: 

Zerowater Gravity Filter Models

  1. Bottle Filtration System 
  2. 12-Cup Pitcher
  3. 6-Cup Pitcher
  4. Stainless Steel 11-Cup Pitcher
  5. 40-Cup Pitcher
  6. 7-Cup Pitcher
  7. 30-Cup Pitcher
  8. 10-Cup Pitcher
  9. 20-Cup Pitcher

Brita Gravity Filter Models

  1. Space-Saver
  2. Monterey with Longlast Filter
  3. Pacifica
  4. Wave
  5. Ultraslim Stream® Dispenser
  6. Lake
  7. Rapids Stream® Pitcher
  8. Ultramax Dispenser with Longlast Filter
  9. Everyday
  10. Grand
  11. Stream® Cascade Pitcher
  12. Soho
  13. Metro

Replacement Costs & Filter Lifespan of Zerowater vs Brita Water Filters

Zerowater comes equipped with 5-stage water filter cartridges that last for around 20-25 gallons of water, which is less than Brita. Talking about cost, a filter of Zerowater approximately costs $15, and the price is around $30 for a pack of two Zerowater filters. 

Does Zero Water Filter Remove Trihalomethanes from Water

A plus point of investing in Zerowater filtration systems is that they remove TDS from water.

Talking about the standard filtration systems of Brita, they last for 40 gallons of water. This means that Brita water filters last for around two months before you need to replace the filters. The lifespan of the filters also heavily depends on the quality of the water supply in your home. 

How to Clean Brita Water Filter

If your tap water contains a huge number of contaminants, it will clog the filters faster, which will lead you to replace the filters more frequently.

The cost of one Brita filter is approximately $6.50, and you can get 3 Brita filters for $15. Moreover, 6 Brita filters cost around $25. Replacement costs of Brita filters are fairly affordable. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Brita & Zerowater Gravity Filters

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both these water filter brands in detail: 

Advantages of ZeroWater Water Filters

1. Well-Built

The water filter pitchers by Zerowater are made with high-quality raw material, and they don’t disappoint you in terms of the look & feel of the product. The brand makes its products in a way that they are long-lasting. 

2. An Amazing Filtration Process

Zerowater’s filtration process is extensive and detailed. Their filters remove TDS completely and provide very clean water by eliminating all the impurities found in water. 

3. Value for Money

Zerowater’s water filter pitchers are highly affordable compared to their counterparts. Moreover, the filtration system is also very thorough, so they are worth the price. 

4. Several Style Variants Available 

You get a lot of options when choosing Zerowater water filters. The products vary in colors, specifications, style, and size so that you can pick the perfect variant for your home. 

Disadvantages of ZeroWater Water Filters

1. The Filters Aren’t Long-Lasting

Zerowater’s filter cartridges are not long-lasting, and the filters need regular replacement once every three months. 

2. Takes a Lot of Time to Purify the Water

Although Zerowater’s water filters come with a 5-stage filtration system, it also means that the filter pitchers take plenty of time to provide clean water. 

Advantages of Brita Water Filters

1. NSF/ANSI Certifications 

Brita’s water filtration systems are certified for Standards 42 and 53 of NSF/ANSI. This means that these filters are tested and certified for chlorine and lead removal. 

2. Budget-friendly 

Brita has a range of water filters that are priced differently. Hence, you’ll quickly find a water filter that fits your budget. 

3. A Well Renowned Brand

Brita has been a market-dominant in the water filtration system industry for many years. The brand is well-known internationally, and it is trusted for its top-notch water filtration systems. 

Disadvantages of Brita Water Filters

1. Not Very Thorough

Brita’s water filtration systems are not as thorough as Zerowater. They provide a good filtering system and remove most contaminants, but Zerowater still beats Brita in its thoroughness. 

2. Don’t Provide Filtered Water Immediately 

Brita water filtration systems take approximately 1 minute to produce one clean, purified water glass. 

Customer Complaints & Reviews

Brita has thousands of positive customer reviews to back itself on the quality of water filters it provides. Currently, Brita’s replacement cartridges have a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon, which is based on reviews of around 27,000 customers. 

Customers are highly satisfied with and praise the quality of the product and its specifications for the price. The brand is loved for the effectiveness and efficiency of its products alongside their affordability. Brita also builds filters that have an easy installation process. 

The best part about the brand is that it keeps upgrading the filter’s vital parts to improve the functioning of the products and increase efficiency. 

Zerowater also boasts thousands of positive customer reviews as its 5-stage cartridges have a 4.5/5 rating which is based on the reviews of 22,000 people. Customers are incredibly satisfied with the filtering abilities of Zerowater water filtration systems as they remove TDS completely and also come with a TDS meter. 

Zerowater vs Brita: Which Water Filter Should You Invest In? 

The answer to your question will be completely up to you. Both Zerowater and Brita water filtration systems are top quality, well-tested, and clean and safe water. 

They both work on removing most viruses, bacteria, dissolved solids, metals, and other unwanted impurities from tap water. It is also very easy to use both filters, so the final decision of picking between the two lies in your hands. 

Benefits of Water Pitchers & Who Should Use Them

We recommend you thoroughly go through the benefits and drawbacks section of our guide to get a better understanding of Zerowater and Brita water filtration systems. Once you’re done going through the guide, we’re sure you’ll have a clear pick in your head, keeping in mind your family’s personal preferences and requirements. 


Every family has unique needs and requirements when it comes to getting a clean and safe water supply. What works for other customers may not work for you, and therefore, it becomes crucial to go through this guide in detail to make a decision for yourself. 

Bottled water is not an ideal and smart option in the long run as it is comparatively expensive and not good for the environment. Hence, it is vital for you to invest in a good water filter that gives you access to clean water at the convenience of your home

When comparing Brita and Zerowater, Brita should be your preference if you don’t want to worry about frequent replacements and maintenance. On the contrary, you should pick a Zerowater water filter if TDS removal is a priority for you. Zerowater should also be your pick if you want a performance meter with your water filtration system. 


Is Zerowater better or Brita?

Brita water filters are well-known for reducing odor and improving the water’s overall quality. While it eliminates smells, it might leave behind an odd taste in water which can be off-putting for many people. On the other hand, Zerowater water filters are known for removing metallic taste from water with foul odors.

Is water filtered by Zerowater healthy and safe for consumption?

Zerowater water filters are great at removing most contaminants from water as it uses a 5-stage filter technology. The filter also successfully reduces chromium, lead, PFOS and PFOA, and other hazardous metals from tap water.

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