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7 Reasons Why you Should Use Undersink Water Filter

Published by: Paulo Baker

Benefits of Undersink Water Filter

If you are looking for a top quality water filter you should consider using an undersink water filter.

An undersink water filter is known to remove contaminants that are found in tap water. Undersink filters contain a host of features that make them perfect for use in any home.

So in this post, we’ll see all the amazing benefits of undersink water filters that you should know

What is an Undersink Water Filter? 

These are water filters that remain hidden from view as they perform their water filtration task. They are basic kitchen-based filtration systems that treat tap water on demand. Normally, people often install them under the sink.

Undersink water filters

Filtration begins when you turn the drinking water faucet on and stops when you turn it off. Most of these filters come in compact designs that don’t require a storage tank or drain. 

Benefits of Undersink Water Filters

Everyone can truly appreciate the significance of clean drinking water in each household. However, how do you make sure that the water you drink is safe for you? 

You see, gone are the days when it was acceptable to drink water directly from the tap. Nonetheless, there’s no need for you to panic as there’s an easy solution to that. And yes, we’re talking about under-sink water filter systems. 

In case you’re still skeptical, let’s try and persuade you otherwise. Below are the fantastic benefits of using an under-sink water filter system today. 

1. They support the healthy growth of a child’s body

Drinking water is undoubtedly essential for the healthy development of a child’s body and mind. The harmful toxins in drinking water can stifle a child’s growth and risk their overall health.

Undersink water filters offer parents added peace of mind and comfort and guarantee their kids receive the best quality of drinking water possible and as much as they need. 

Your children need to drink a good amount of water to enhance their physical growth. You also must ensure they get pure and clean drinking water at home. Further, having an under-sink water filtration system installed in your home is a beautiful addition.

That way can help to prevent many water-borne diseases and helps boost good health. 

2. Undersink water filters are simple to maintain and install

Did you know that under sink water filtration systems are straightforward to install, not to mention they didn’t take a huge amount of time either? Anyone can efficiently install it, and you don’t need the assistance of a professional plumber to finish your work. 

Installing a system can take only a few minutes, depending upon the design. You should not need any specialist equipment or tools to get the job completed. Most modern sinks even feature a space ready for a filter to be installed without the need for any cutting or drilling. How amazing is that? 

3. It’s more eco-friendly than a bottled water

Take note that empty plastic water bottles are a big issue for our environment these days. Further, millions of tons a year of plastic bottles end up in the oceans and landfills instead of being recycled.

Using an under-sink water filter lets you refill reusable bottles and low the amount of plastic delivered to trash heaps each year. They also offer you more space in your home, as you don’t need to store water for everyone. 

The best part about it is that they create more space in your recycling space for other types of packaging, which can be recycled as well.

4. More reasonable compared to bottled water

Millions of dollars every year are spent on bottled water, and the average British family spends a huge amount of its grocery budget on both big and small bottles of water.

Having an under sink water filtration system in your home eliminates that cost. It also offers you and your entire family access to clean and fresh water all day and all night. 

You can find a wide array of replacement water filters online that fit just about any filtration system. Most of them last long and are much more cost-efficient than purchasing dozens of water bottles each week. 

5. Enhance the taste and smell of the water 

Because of the fluoride and chlorine often seen in small dosages in tap water, your tap water might have an unpleasant taste or smell depending on where you reside.

It might seem strange for the lucky ones among us that have not encountered this. However, unpleasant taste or odors turns off many people from tap water and drives them not to drink way less water than their body needs or opt for bottled water.

A good under sink water filter can fix all that concerns. 

6. It is space-efficient

Are you looking to fit a bigger water filter system but don’t have enough space in your home? There’s no need to worry because an under sink water filter got you covered. It doesn’t take up too much space in your kitchen!

Moreover, you can even install this water filter under your sink to preserve more kitchen space. It’s an excellent under-sink alternative for people who are low on kitchen space.

Further, it is perfect for individuals searching for a compact filter to set up at home. 

7. They come in a wide array of different models

Did you know that there are two main types of undersink water filter systems? They are simple under sink and conventional under sink water filters. However, you will find many various models you can purchase based on the brands you look at.

You will find undersink water filters with one basic filter cartridge, but those with countless filters within them. You can also find those that do not simply filter the water but improve it with minerals.

Keep in mind that conventional undersink water filters have more models to pick from, but simple water filters are gaining more popularity as of late too. 

Not just are undersink water filters cheap and fast to install, but they can save you a huge amount of money on bottled water. Further, they guarantee you and your family have continuous access to the best drinking water possible. So, why don’t you try it for yourself?

Who Should Use Undersink Water Filters?

One of the most common reasons people begin looking into filters is that they do not like their water tastes. Often, drinking tap water means you are tasting the chemicals that are making it safe.

Since it is such a common complaint, the most common pitcher and refrigerator filters enhance that taste. 

Another common reason for water filters is that many families might be anxious about lead leaching from their plumbing water. They may have other issues that arsenic is making its way into their water source. That’s especially true, even though that is usually a higher issue for anyone with a private well.

Further, nitrates can get into the water supply of a well, anyone who is currently dealing with a medical condition that has compromised their immune system must be extra careful about picking their water filter. 

It’s worth mentioning as well that an undersink water filter system is best suited for homes with municipal water. Such water has passed through inclusive treatment at your local filtration facility.

However, the water has chlorine plus other impurities typically. It is water that does not require that much work to filter. Make sure you pick a filter created to get rid of specific contaminants your city water carries.

A detailed and careful analysis using the suitable quality test kit must tell you what contaminants you are looking at. You can also ask a water professional to perform the analysis for you. 


Above are the fundamentals of this water filter. They are perfect, but a high-quality undersink water filter is an excellent addition to most kitchens and will substantially enhance the comfort and health of you and your entire family. 


According to most undersink water filter reviews, the most cost-efficient and effective systems are multi-stage units with a combination of different filtration methods, including sub-micron filtration and carbon filtration.

That guarantees the unit will eliminate volatile organic chemicals, chlorine, lead, parasites, and other toxins from the water, producing clean and pure drinking water for your entire family. Do you have more questions you want to be answered? Find out some of them below. 

Are under sink water filters any good?

Does your household go through over two or three gallons of safe drinking water every day? Then an undersink water filter might be a good option than opting for a pitcher filter. These under sink systems offer filtered drinking water on demand, without waiting around for the filtration process to run.

Does a sink need a filter?

It depends. If your tap water tastes good and you like it, keep drinking it. However, people with health complications might be better off drinking filtered water. Filtering tap water in your sink will eliminate any chemicals used to kill fungus, parasites, viruses, and bacteria.

How long do under sink water filters last

Undersink water filters under residential settings must be changed every six to twelve months. On the other hand, filters utilized in commercial settings must be replaced every four to six months. Remember that reverse osmosis and membranes only need to be replaced every two years or four years.

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