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How Much Do Water Softeners Cost: Complete Pricing Guide

Published by: Paulo Baker

How Much Do Water Softeners Cost Complete Pricing Guide

The water you get in your house is primarily hard water full of several minerals. Hard water often leaves residue behind, which can cause clogging in your house’s water pipes. To eliminate the problems caused by hard water, you should install a soft water system in your home. 

Water softeners remove the excessive minerals found in hard water, and they neutralize the water as well. Water softeners come with various features, and their price ranges between $500 and $6,000. The average water softener cost is $1,500.

This guide will discuss the factors determining the water softeners cost and other necessary details. Let’s get started…

Factors Determining the Water Softeners Cost

In this section, we will discuss the factors that determine a water softener’s cost: 

1. Capacity & Type

The type and capacity of the water softener you choose will determine its cost. Water softeners with larger capacities cost more, while compact soft water systems cost less. 

2. Your Home’s Size

The size of your house is another important factor that needs to be considered when purchasing a soft water system. You’ll have to buy a water softener that meets the water requirements of your house. 

3. Installation & Labor Cost

The installation and labor costs for a traditional soft water system will be around $150 and $600. If the installation process of your water softener is complex, you’ll be charged accordingly. 

4. Additional Considerations & Costs

Additional considerations and costs for installing a soft water system include water testing, maintenance costs, repairs, and regular cleaning or replacement of the water softener’s parts. 

5. Maintenance

Water softeners come equipped with several parts. These parts must be maintained regularly to ensure that your soft water system works efficiently and gives fresh and clean water for consumption.

It would be best if you got the brine tank checked once every three months to ensure that there’s no salt buildup in the tank. Annual maintenance of a water softener will range between $100 and $300. 

Water Softener Types

Water softeners are of different types. The type of water softener you should be getting will depend on the hardness of water and various other factors. In this section, we will discuss the different kinds of water softeners with their respective costs.

1. Ion Exchange Water Softeners 

Ion exchange water softeners are very common and highly reliable. Water goes through a mineral tank where magnesium and calcium exchange ions in this system. The ions get exchanged when they attract towards resin beads. 

Ion Exchange Process
Ion Exchange Process

These beads then go through a salt-filled brine tank, eliminating all the minerals and chemicals. Ion exchange softeners require regular maintenance in the form of salt refills. These systems cost around $500-$2000. 

2. Water Distillers

These systems are not so common. Water distillers create water vapor before its boiling point to separate the minerals and heavy metals from water.

What Is a Water Distiller and How Does It Work
Water Distiller

Water distillers don’t use mineral tanks or filters to go through with the process, and this is why they aren’t as effective as other soft water systems.

Moreover, these systems work slowly. These systems cost anywhere between $50 and $2000. 

3. Salt-Free Soft Water Systems

Both salt-free water softeners and ion exchange systems work similarly. The only difference between these two systems is that a salt-free soft water system uses a potassium-filled brine tank. 

Potassium doesn’t eliminate these minerals and chemicals. Instead, it neutralizes them. If you are on a low-sodium diet, you should prefer to invest in a salt-free water softener. Their cost will be $800 to $4000. 

4. Reverse Osmosis Water Softeners 

Reverse osmosis water softeners are extremely effective as they effectively remove toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and minerals found in water. These systems also filter the water, making it safe for consumption.

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis

You’ll have to pay $1000-$2800 for a reverse osmosis water softener and its installation. 

Benefits of a Water Softener System

Apart from being cost-effective, water softeners improve the taste of water, make doing laundry effective, and is suitable for your hair and skin. Let’s quickly discuss the benefits of a water softener

1. Soft Hair & Skin 

Soft water visibly changes the quality of your hair and skin. Hard water includes various minerals and chemicals which create a layer on your skin and hair. When washed using soft water, your hair and skin will get a better texture. Soft water eliminates itchiness and dryness as well. 

2. Cleaning Products Used Efficiently

Hard water doesn’t allow soap to lather and dissolve properly. Dish soaps, hand soaps, body washes, laundry detergents, and all the other kinds of cleaning products work better with soft water. 

3. Scale Buildup

Minerals added in hard water layer up on the pipes, kitchen appliances, and drains in your house. Soft water prevents this problem, and using soft water will eliminate this problem. 

4. Good Water Taste

When compared with tap water, soft water tastes very good. Soft water removes excessive minerals and chemicals present in tap water which makes the water taste good. 


Water softeners have numerous benefits, and they are highly cost-effective. It is a smart idea to invest in a quality water softener to make the best of its benefits and the features that it comes with. 

In this guide, we discussed the factors determining the cost of a water softener, its benefits, and types of water softeners with their price. 


What are the installation costs of water softeners?

The installation cost of a water softener will depend on the capacity and type of water softener you want to install. Typically, installing a water softener takes $1000-$2800. However, if you’re installing a smart system, the installation cost can go up to $6000.

Is it possible for a water softener to improve your life’s quality?

Without hard minerals disrupting the process, water softeners allow you to use less detergents and soaps. Water softeners are also good for your skin and hair. Soft water doesn’t make your hair itchy and your skin dry. Lastly, water softeners make your water taste good.

Can a water softener be installed in any house?

Yes, water softeners can get installed in any house. Moreover, if you get a compact water softener, it will be portable and fit right under the sink.

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