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Under Sink vs Countertop Water Filter: Which is Better?

Published by: Paulo Baker

Under Sink vs Countertop Water Filter

If you’ve made the decision to start consuming filtered drinking water, your next move would be to decide which filtration system should get installed in your house. Various water filtration systems are available in the market, and it can be overwhelming to make the right pick. 

Your lifestyle, personal requirements, the layout of the house, and various other factors play a crucial role in helping you make the right decision. For example, two of the most common water filters include countertop water filters and under sink water filters.

This guide will discuss the pros and cons of under sink vs countertop water filter, and we’re sure that by the end of this article, you’ll know which one to choose for yourself. 

Under Sink Water Filtration Systems 

As the name suggests, under-sink filters fit under the sink and ensure that you get a fresh, clean, and safe water supply for consumption. It is extremely easy to install an under sink water filter, and the best part is that they’re not seen because they’re installed under the sink.

How to Replace Under Sink Water Filter Cartridge

However, before you invest in a good under sink water filter, you should go through its pros and cons as mentioned below: 

Pros of Under Sink Water Filters

1. Invisibility

Under sink, water filters are kept inside a cabinet underneath sink, and hence, they are not visible. If you don’t have a lot of space on your kitchen counter, an under-sink water filter should be the best option for you.

Moreover, under sink water filters directly get connected to your house’s water lines, so they don’t take up any space in your fridge as well. 

2. Water Flow 

Because they are directly connected to your house’s water lines, under sink water filters, don’t make you wait for getting a clean water supply. Instead, these filters get direct access to water, and they ensure that you get clean and fresh drinking water at all times. 

3. Ultimate Performance

Under sink water filters are on their A-game when it comes to performance. These filters go through the filtration process with utmost accuracy and good speed, making them effective and efficient filtration systems. 

Cons of Under Sink Water Filters

1. Installation Process

Most under sink water filters require a dedicated faucet, and it may be the case that you’ll need a specific faucet for your under sink water filter. If you’re up for a DIY project, you can install the faucet and connect the under sink filter to the water lines yourself.

Benefits of Undersink Water Filter

However, if you think this isn’t something you can do, you should call a professional to do the job for you. 

2. Pricing

Under sink water filters are more expensive than countertop water filters. These filters perform incredibly and function powerfully, but they are also priced accordingly. If you’re on a budget, you should consider this factor before deciding.

Countertop Water Filtration Systems 

An alternative to under sink water filters, a countertop water filter is a good option to go with when you’re looking to buy a water filtration system. Known as point-of-use systems, countertop water filters can be installed wherever you need them.

These filters don’t require a lot of effort to assemble and install, and they fit on your kitchen’s countertop. 

These filters have a compact design, and they don’t take up much space in your kitchen. Countertops can filter the water quickly and on-demand to ensure that you always get crystal clear water. These filters have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go through some pros and cons of countertop water filters: 

Pros of Countertop Water Filters

1. Installation Process 

The installation process of a countertop water filter is very convenient when you compare it to the installation process of an under sink water filter.

Most countertop water filters don’t even require any plumbing or installation. This means that all you’ll have to do is unbox the filter and plug it in to start getting filtered water. 

2. Portability of the Filter

These filters are not installed permanently, which makes them portable. You can take your countertop water filter wherever you go to ensure that you get clean filtered water everywhere. 

3. Pricing

Countertop water filters are comparatively cheaper, and their low price makes them budget-friendly for many people. So if you’re on a budget, you should consider getting a countertop water filtration system for your house. 

Cons of Countertop Water Filters

1. Takes Counter Space

As a countertop water filter fits on your kitchen counter, it takes up space. If you’re short on countertop space or don’t like your countertop to look messy, we suggest you consider buying an under-sink water filter. 

2. Its Size

Countertop water filters are compact, meaning they don’t have a lot of water holding capacity. As a result, countertop water filters may not be able to store a lot of water at a time, and it won’t be suitable for you if you have many members in the house and heavy water usage. 

Under Sink vs Countertop Water Filter: Final Verdict 

We think it is safe to say that both countertop water filters and under sink water filters are good options in their own way. However, your pick should depend on factors such as your budget, countertop space in your kitchen, and your convenience priorities, among others.

Under Sink vs Countertop Water Filter

We’ve mentioned the benefits of each of these filtration systems in the article above, and you should go through them before you choose the right one for your house. 

The Bottom Line

A countertop water filter should be your pick if you don’t have heavy water usage and are likely to use it for drinking purposes only. This is because countertop water filters are compact and can’t store lots of water. 

On the other hand, if you have a large household and your water usage is high, you should definitely be getting an under-sink water filter. An under sink water filter is more expensive, but it will ensure that your family’s filtered water needs are met throughout the day. 


What makes under sink water filters a good option for your home?

Under sink water filters eliminate dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles from tap water. Moreover, these filters also ensure that your water tastes and smells good. Lastly, under sink water filters provide a good water flow which is another reason that makes them a good pick for your house.

Is it safe to use under sink water filters?

Under sink water filters remove most contaminants present in water, and most of them are certified by ANSI/NSF as well. Other than dust and dirt, these filters eliminate viruses, bacteria, chlorine, lead, and other chemicals and heavy metals found in water. Their effectiveness and efficiency make under sink water filters safe for use.

Are countertop water filters beneficial in the long run?

Most countertop filters are good in the long run. These filters are investment devices, and you only need to maintain them once every two months. To ensure that your countertop water filter lasts for years to come, you should clean or replace the filters whenever necessary and maintain the filter appropriately. Moreover, many countertop filters are portable, making them easy to use.

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