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Does Zero Water Filter Remove Trihalomethanes from Water?

Published by: Paulo Baker

Does Zero Water Filter Remove Trihalomethanes from Water

Does Zero Water Filter effective in removing Trihalomethanes? People live in an era where we are becoming more aware of our well-being. People want to know more about the products they use came from and how they are being made — including water.

So let’s see if Zero Water filter remove trihalomethanes from the drinking water…

Does Zero Water Filter Remove Trihalomethanes?

The answer is yes. Zero Water Filter system is armed with features effective in eliminating This from the water below detectable laboratory limits.

THMs or also known as Trihalomethanes are four chemicals that, along with other kinds of disinfection byproducts, form as an outcome of a chemical reaction that happens between chlorine (or the same disinfectants which are integrated into drinking water to get rid of harmful microbes) and inorganic and organic material, which might be present in your drinking water.

The four Trihalomethanes are bromodichloromethane, tribromomethane (bromoform), dibromochloromethane as well as trichloromethane— are controlled by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Stage 1 Disinfectants, and Disinfection Byproducts Rule.

What Are the Health Risks Related to THMs Exposure

All the four Trihalomethanes mentioned are byproducts of chlorination utilized to eliminate pathogens from drinking water and make it safe to drink. But, trihalomethanes can also lead to cancer. Of the four Trihalomethanesm, dibromochloromethane is more dangerous as it can increase the chance of having cancer.

Other health issues related to exposure to Trihalomethanes account for damage to kidneys, liver, central nervous system, and bladder. Studies also revealed a connection between exposure to Trihalomethanes and reproductive system disorders, which accounts for infertility, menstrual cycle, congenital disabilities, stillbirths, and miscarriages.

However, the risk isn’t restricted to just drinking tap water. Research shows that showering and bathing are both significant sources of Trihalomethanes exposure. Even breathing or inhaling steam from members of the family shower or doing activities like manual dishwashing can expose you and your loved ones to dangerous Trihalomethanes.

What Makes Zero Water Filter Effective In Eliminating Trihalomethanes?

The Zero Water Filter comes with microfilaments that can eliminate the turbidity and filter the sediments present in the water caused by chemicals and microorganisms.

Indeed this filter system is more powerful compared to other filter systems available on the market at this point. It features the usage of elements like micropores. 

This is extremely small that it will not let the passage of bacteria.

We also have performance results of Zerowater’s 5-stage filter vs Conventional 2-stage filter in removing contaminants listed under the EPA’s drinking water standards.

MetalsZerowater 20 Gallons Filtered*Zerowater 40 Gallons Filtered**
CHROMIUM 398%94%
CHROMIUM 699%99%
Results Source

Note that the * and ** represents:

*% reduction after 20 Gallons of Filtration

**% reduction after 40 Gallons of Filtration

All the performance results are based on the NSF/ANSI testing standards.

What Is Exactly a Zero Water Filter?

A Zero Water Filter is a product of Zero Water, considered one of the best and reliable companies in water purification. It’s an Ion Exchange water filter unit that can eliminate trapped solids from tap water to provide you water that is not just pure and clean but also tastes amazing.

The company assures that their filter units will provide homeowners 000 parts for every million reading on the TDS meter. They have filters that there is no need of interfering with the plumbing system. The company has offered portable filtration units for every household to use.

Zero Water Filter eliminates sediments, chlorine, metals, ions, and contaminants and makes sure that the water doesn’t have lead, chromium, hexavalent, tri, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine. Zero Water Filter lessens any metallic, chemical, and chlorinated taste from the water; thus, you are assured that water is not just safe to use but also tastes great.

By filtering these elements, you will have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and friends are drinking fresh and clean water all the time. It comes equipped with a TDS meter, which allows you to test the purity of the water.

Aside from eliminating Trihalomethanes, they are also affordable than other products and potentially provide homeowners the best value for their money. What is more, it also eliminated almost 99% of sediments and contaminants from the water.

How This Water Filter Available

State-of-the-art Zero Water Filter is a reliable portable filter on hand for procurement as a dispenser, pitcher, or water tumbler. If you opt for a pitcher, you can fill water from the tap and put it inside the refrigerator.

On the other hand, the pitcher comes in a suitable size that fits on the door of your refrigerator.


There is no doubt that the Zero Water Filter system offers many benefits. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the most sought-after products online and offline stores. The water filter makes the process of purification fast and easy for households and on the go individual. You can also choose the size according to your needs.

Now that you know if Zero Water Filter removes Trihalomethanes, you may already know why you must get one for your family. If you buy this product, you will also get a TDS meter that is useful in testing the purity of the water.

Also, this water filter cheaper compared to other leading or popular brands available on the market. This has a five-step filtration system, so you are assured of clean and pure water.

If you need cleaner and purest water for you and your loved ones then, Zero Water Filter is indeed the best and right choice. There are a lot of surprising benefits which come from using this amazing water filtration system. This is the reason why you will never regret your choice of purchasing one today.


Does Zero Water Filter Remove Flouride?

Yes. This water filter system can eliminate fluoride by up to 91% from tap water. It has five-stage filtration systems that remove more impurities, which is more reliable and effective than 2-Level filters. It has 150 liters of water filtered tested by an independently certified external lab during the assessment.

What Contaminants Does Zero Water Filter Remove?

Zero Water Filter has a five-step filtration system that effectively eliminates Trihalomethanes and sediments, chlorine, metals, ions, and contaminants. What is more, this water filter system is also powerful in removing lead, chromium, tri, and hexavalent, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine.

Does Zero Water Filter Remove Bacteria?

A lot of people are asking if this product can remove bacteria. Well, sad to say, this product doesn’t remove bacteria and cysts, viruses, and some microbiological contaminants. The existing system is intended to be utilized with potable water that is municipally treated.

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